Share Something Sundays – Tell Me About This Weekend’s Church Gathering (Sept 3, 11)

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On Sunday afternoons I am going to invite you the readers to share a quick thought from your church experiences this past weekend.


  • Something insightful that challenged you in your life with God.
  • Something hilarious that you heard or saw
  • Something visual that you just had to take a picture of (Disqus comments allow you to upload a picture)
  • Something that gave you a vision of the early church
  • Something that felt contrived or superficial (be careful not to gossip here)
  • Something that made you cry
  • Something unique that could benefit other churches and Christians
  • OR Something completely Random

The following Sunday, I will share my favorite “Shared Something” from the previous post and invite readers to repeat the pattern until it gets old and boring.

Here’s a  thought from a reader from last weekend:

I pastor a small baptist church and being the end of summer we had a lot of people out of town, so instead of the 60-70 people that is more the norm we had around 30 or so. While those kind of numbers are not supposed to be a big deal it can be a little discouraging.  I preached on how we are children of God and as his children we are always loved and welcomed home.  At the end of the service one of the tougher ladies in the church as she was leaving said with tears in her eyes that she wished her husband had been there that morning as he just does not get it.  I told her that maybe one day he will but until he does he is still a child of God and still loved and still welcome home!  – Tharp_Holden

So… share something!

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"One is the return of the Jews to Jerusalem and the nation state of Israel ..."

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"The Bible is true if what it says comes to pass."

What happens to people who never ..."

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  • Anonymous

    I visited a United Methodist church this morning that offered gluten-free wafers as part of their communion.  It was also good that they gave direction about how to come up for communion and that it was going to be by intinction.  I’m glad they did that, because as soon as I saw the communion table, I began wondering how it was going to be done and I just settled in my mind to watch everyone else.  Too often, churches fail to explain things, taking for granted that everyone there is familiar with how things are done.  

  • We visited a Lutheran church for the first time. More high church than I was used to, and more responsive readings than I enjoy. We sang some clearly patriotic songs which were off putting for me, and worries me to possibly go back next week on 9/11 since I really don’t like when church and state blend together.

  • Ron Friesen

    Smaller crowd today –  but the fellowship was real – sometimes less is more.

  • Chris

    we changed up the order and did Communion/BreakingofBread/Lord’sSupper before instead of after.  Nice way to give it more focus instead of feeling like an add-on, but think it was tough on the latecomers to get ‘settled’  

  • We talked about mission. You can read my blog about it at

    Was great!

  • Alan Adams

    Attended a nearby CMA  church today whose pastor is a very warm, friendly, down-to-earth communicator of the Gospel.  However, there was a guest speaker pushing his own mission focus, who could have said in eight minutes what took him 40 minutes.  No joy.  No offer of a Savior.  No blessing.   Just data and judgment.  Not a good lead into the celebration of the Remembrance Feast.  Thank God, the worship team made up for it with some good Hillsong praise and worship.

  • conrad

    Honestly it’s been probly about 2 months since I have actually been to church… However the last couple of weeks have been very productive. Thanks in large part to your post on zionism kurt, after spending many hours of looking in to the history of israel it’s become very clear to me that I have been on the wrong side of this issue without even realizing it. I will no longer blindly the genocide and dehumanization of another people in the name of ‘God’s chosen people’

  • This morning our pastor taught on being open and available to share life with nobelieving folks around us, being available to share as the Spirit leads.  Prior to sermon during announcements, they discussed a local outreach working with Stop Child Trafficking, another outreach getting backpacks and school supplies to local kids in financial need, and that our church will be raising money to build a “rescue house” to spare young girls from a life of trafficking in Cambodia. 

    It’s nice to be at a church that really does focus on worshipping God, but also takes the next step to impact the community around us. The message isn’t just being preached from the pulpit, it’s being modeled by leadership.  Don’t always see that….