Resource of the Week: All Right Now – A book on ethics and the Christian life

This week I want to point your attention to a great book, written by Tim Geddert.  Its called All Right Now: Finding Consensus on Ethical Questions.  Tim is a New Testament Scholar with a heart for the church.  Here’s the product description:

Polarizing issues are dividing the church. Is your congregation seeking consensus? How should you begin? With this book Timothy J. Geddert can help your church find what he calls the middle way between rule-oriented legalism and irresponsible freedom in which anything goes. Geddert shows how Scripture can be effectively examined in reaching ethical decisions. His study of a few controversial issues demonstrates how the discerning community can work toward consensus.

I should add that Tim comes at this issue in a reader friendly format from an Anabaptist perspective.  Excellent resource for folks that want to learn how to engage the New Testament and ask hard questions of it.

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