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The Christian and Politics (John MacArthur)

I disagree with JMac on almost every theological “non-essential” yet he is my Christian brother.  I can imagine that some of my readers won’t like me saying this, but who am I to say otherwise? In this video, its a refreshing step away from the radical Christian right.  I disagree with the dichotomy he creates, [Read More…]

Who Do You Say Jesus Is? Liberal, Conservative, Hyper-Fundy, Pop, or Some Other Inadequate Stereotype

Jesus asks Peter: Who do you say I am? Peter answers: You are the Messiah, the son of the living God!  Good answer. It seems to me that there are several ways that people attempt to answer this fundamental question.  I’m going to attempt to summarize this by creating unfair stereotype-based categories. Liberal Jesus This [Read More…]

Was The United States Ever A Christian Nation? (Gospel Coalition)

Good thoughts… actually, refreshing to hear a reformed brother speak this truth: Thoughts??? [Read more…]

What is Jesus’ Second Advent? Thoughts from Hank Hanegraaff

It may surprise many of my readers to know that one of my early influences in re-thinking major theological paradigms was Hank Hanegraaff, the bible answer man.  If I was in my car during the 3 o’clock hour, it’s guaranteed that I was listening to his radio show.  He gave me space to think about [Read More…]