Our Canadian Overlords

I really loved this. Any thoughts from my neighbors to the North?

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Canadian Oilverlords
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Also, I’m told that my friends in Canada can’t watch this “American” clip. Must all be part of the Imperial Machine! lol. Here’s info from a commenter: “Side note: Canadians can’t watch the clip because its from Comedy Central 😛 We have to watch Daily Show clips on the Comedy Network. For my fellow Canadians: http://bit.ly/serOol

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  • Haha.Hilarious. The Daily Show is awesome.
    Side note: Canadians can’t watch the clip because its from Comedy Central 😛 We have to watch Daily Show clips on the Comedy Network. For my fellow Canadians: http://bit.ly/serOol

    • @twitter-165172527:disqus … thanks for helping me out here!

  • James

    You might not get many thoughts from us Canadians unless you give the date of the episode, as Comedy Central videos will only play for people in the U.S.

    • James

      Ah, Sean already mentioned that I see – thanks for the link, Sean! 🙂

  • I was so going to comment on this like crazy but unfortunately Comedy Central videos are forbidden from being accessed in our mighty land.

  • Seriously though. It was amusing. Like most Canadians though, I don’t actually have a TV so I was unaware of this fellow until this very moment.

  • Erin Thomas

    Oh Kurt, Kurt Kurt… as a Canadian pacifist, there are MANY thoughts I could share aboot what was said that clip, eh? How about I return your favoUr, and share with you our famous political satirist. Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🙂

  • Erin Thomas

    If you want a ‘serious’ comment, I do live in ‘oil country’ right where Cenovus has a plant (among other companies). It does put food on the tables of many, creates the capacity to work technology and transportation, and has built good trading relationships b/w Canucks and Yanks. However… the ‘ethical oi’ bit is one I I balk at. First, we’re continuing to show the Middle East as singularly oppressive through our western lens. Sure, there practices I do not agree with, but that does not mean Canada is then automatically excluded from being unethical.

    Corporations contract out to smaller companies who often use slave labour, or bring in Temporary Foreign Workers in spades (a federal gov’t program which I find to work well if the treatment of those workers is as on the up and up as it is supposed to be; but often local Canadians complain jobs are being taken), tribal land of First Nations people is threatened, rig workers are often sick with illnesses directly linked to the ‘safe process’ of fracking and oil production, and we are truly obese/addicted to the stuff.

    Jon Stewart’s a funny guy, but in reality: both Canada and the US are totally dependent on fossil fuels, & we’ll get it whatever it takes — even at the expense of ourselves.

    Serious comment over. Funny clip! Enjoy Rick Mercer, eh? 😉

    • @google-c91f4d9122e93bc35c09c936bfc2a372:disqus … great thoughts!!!!

  • Very funny! At first I thought the “video unavailable” thing was a part of the joke 😛
    “How would you like it if your daughter had her health care paid for by the government?”
    I definitely lol’ed.

    But the best part was where they revealed our secret plan to take you over by maiming you with hockey injuries!

    Just remember: keep buying our oil or we’ll show up at the White House with torches.
    And we all remember how things ended the last time that happened…

    In all seriousness, though, very funny clip which does cast a sidelong glance at the dangers posed by the oilsands.  I’ve heard that the areas from which most of that oil comes look a lot like a real-world land of Mordor.  Right now my sister is stationed as an EMT on a site where they’re working a sour gas well.  Her life and the lives of the “rig pigs,” as they’re “affectionately” called, are in danger because of North America’s need to drink the land dry of oil.

  • JenG

    As one of your “Oil”verlords, I’ve always thought that it would make more sense if y’all would just cheerfully take the oil we graciously offer you at a reasonable price than fight for it elsewhere or have protests to block our “dirty” oil from coming in to your country. Our oil is extracted using some of the best environmental and personal safety standards in the world by men and women who get paid very well for their services – not with slaves in foreign countries having giant catastrophic spills on a regular basis. #just sayin’ ‘eh

    • JenG

      As it stands, Canada is now looking to Asian markets for our oil because you guys keep causing to much of a stink every time we try to build a pipeline to send the oil down to you with. 

  • All I want to know is this: Who let him in on the secret feline lyrics to our national anthem.  OUR cat-overlords will not be pleased their secret has been revealed, eh!

    • @9e8390542179c9cc76df7a0fd9201281:disqus … hahahahaha!

  • Jacqui Norman

    can’t watch it in the UK either!! 🙂