Christian Leaders Speak Out Against Cockfighting Cruelty


Christian Leaders Speak Out Against Cockfighting Cruelty

The Humane Society of the United States commends Dr. Oran Smith and Dr. Richard Land for ground-breaking new video

The Palmetto Family Council, based in Columbia, S.C., received praise from The Humane Society of the United States for the release of a strong video criticizing cockfighting. The blood sport is widespread in South Carolina because of the weakness of the state’s anti-cockfighting law and consists of roosters fighting to the death while spectators gamble on the outcomes.

The Palmetto Family Council is tackling the issue head-on in a new video that features Dr. Oran Smith, the executive director of Palmetto Family, as well as Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s ethics and religious liberty commission

Citing scripture and Biblical principles, Smith and Land expose the cruelty of cockfighting as well as the larger societal effects of the illegal blood sport.

“Religious leaders had a founding role in the humane movement in the 19th century, and today in the 21srt century, they remind us of our solemn responsibilities to other creatures,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS. “Their voices can help guide the nation toward better decision-making and behavior when it comes to our treatment of animals.”

“There is no question that the Palmetto State is now the “go-to” location for animal fighting on the Eastern Seaboard,” said Dr. Oran Smith, the executive director of Palmetto Family. “As a matter of state pride, we must strengthen our laws now.”

“Christians should stand up and speak out against this barbaric practice which horrendously abuses God’s creatures” said Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist convention’s ethics and religious liberty commission.

Though outlawed in all 50 states, cockfighting remains a misdemeanor in 11, including South Carolina, Alabama and others. Cockfighting can be a lucrative crime, with gambling winnings offsetting even the maximum misdemeanor fines. The HSUS and the Palmetto Family Council are pursuing legislation to make cockfighting a felony in all 50 states to ensure the penalty for breaking the law is stronger than the potential gain.

The HSUS Faith Outreach program engages faith communities, leaders and institutions with animal protection issues, on the premise that religious values call upon us to act in a kind and merciful way towards all creatures. Find out more at


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  • True and this would apply to any violent sport animals are used in.  Also I think it applies to factory farming conditions and any situation in which animals are placed that they needlessly suffer.  I also wonder about the use of animals in labs and needless cruelty there.

  • Well and good, but frankly I care more about human-fighting cruelty myself.

  • Seth Diehl

    How do we end cockfighting? This video has a very uplifting song attached and ends with a somewhat humors comment about taking Jesus to a cockfight, but there are no real answers to the problem. I find it hard to watch something like this and not see what this organization is doing to stop it or give me a way in to help.
    Maybe this is more about me and my care for the planet and all living things inhabiting. but I need more.
    I don’t mean to be negative, but it seems like a very polished film, and I would hope they are putting forth good efforts to the actual cause and not just getting their name on a flashy video.
    thanks for sharing Kurt.

  • Jeffh777

    Would you take Jesus to a cockfight ???  How about to a hog-drowning ???  Dr. Land better read Mark Chapter five, verses 1 to 14.  Christ showed more compassion to the demons than he did animals.  Also Dr. Land should check who he is crawling into bed with, HSUS recieves HUGE amounts of money from George Soros, look HIM up.  Michael Markarian, VP of HSUS is an outspoken homosexual, and John Goodwin, HSUS’ so called “expert” is a convicted arsonist who is tied into the terroist animal rights group ALF.
       The idea of sending a human being to jail over how he treats a chicken is ridiculous, what with $4.00 a gallon gas, drugs everywhere you look, and most telling of our current horrible state of affairs in this country, 1.2 million babies aborted every year.
        This is nothing more than another of HSUS’ half-truth mostly lie campaigns.
          George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abe Lincoln  all participated in cockfighting.  The inventor of the MRI, (magnetic resonance imaging)  that has saved countless HUMAN lives, is a man named Dr. Donald P. Hollis PhD, is a lifelong active cockfighter.  So lets get away from the knuckle dragging image shall we ???  HSUS plays on peoples emotions rather than the reality of nature.  The fighting cock is a wild bird that has been bred in captivity for several thousand years, no more no less.  And nothing, I repeat nothing shows more courage in the face of impossible odds than a fighting cock, unless it happens to be our Lord and Saviour.

           I know of several cases where HSUS railroaded people simply for owning these noble birds, where upon they proceeded to kill every one of them with a hypodermic needle about 4 inches long by injecting poison into their heart. Eye witness accounts state that it took the birds about 30 to 45 minutes to die a horrible gagging death .  The case in point was in Mississippi and they killed over 250 roosters.  We can kill em’ our way but you can’t fight ’em your way ????

         hsus does nothing to help animals and HARMS PEOPLE.  It is documented fact that Hitler was an animal rights advocate.

         At worst, cockfighters are guilty of playing with their food, and draconoian/nazi/culture control laws made at the behest of  “reprogramming” so-called “non-Profits”  like hsus do nothing but harm society.