Evolution, Mom’s with 3 Arms, and Church Signs

So what do you think? I found this church sign last year at a church near my hometown. If you read this blog on a regular occasion, you probably know what I think 🙂 The sign is clever and quite honoring to moms, but the attack on science makes Christians look anti-intellectual. Its time to move beyond this debate and allow the Scriptures to form an accurate worldview free from our preconceived notions about truth. For more on Evolution and the Bible, click here.

*Originally posted last Mother’s Day.

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  • I like it, but only if it is satirical 🙂 I would hope that if I had it outside my church (if I had one) that people would think it was funny and not another stupid anti-evolution rant.

  • Evelyn

    Why stop at 3? (says the mom of four…) Anyway, didn’t God makes Dads so that there would be extra arms available?

    Sadly, I don’t think it’s meant as a joke.

  • Rick Warren tweeted this earlier today, too, and I shuddered a little for the same reason of the attack on science. It wouldn’t even be a very good evolutionary argument: all things considered, having a third arm would probably provide as many survival and reproduction (the two main functions that determine whether a mutation passes on) problems as it would help. But of course it wasn’t meant to be an actual scientific statement because many American evangelicals would much prefer  to caricature evolution in order to shoot it down than actually seek to understand and discuss it.