Official Christian Tablet Should Really Be Called Crap Android Tablet (Gizmodo)

FROM GIZMODO: Official Christian Tablet Should Really Be Called Crap Android Tablet

H/T: Scot from Churchlandia (a blog you should subscribe to!)


A bookstore chain called Family Christian has taken a crappy Android tablet, slapped a new logo on it, and rebranded it as the Edifi—the world’s first Christian tablet! And what makes it a Christian tablet? That would be 27 translations of the Bible, Christian internet radio, and safe search (no porn allowed). For $149, you can get the holiest slate on the market (save for the Good Book). But really, this is just a seven inch piece of junk… READ MORE HERE.

Things like this remind me why I increasingly have moved away from identifying with the Christian subculture. Frankly, it is cheesy and makes us look like we lack creativity. The Christian bubble should not define Christian community… the subversive reign of God among grassroots communities of Jesus-followers should. I wrote about this in an article titled: I’m Quitting Facebook to Join Faithbook Because My WWJD Bracelet Told Me TO

I certainly don’t want to be a jerk and I’m confident that many people who are part of the “bubble” are wonderful people… it just gives off the wrong perception.

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  • Pat68

    I was really hoping this was a joke.  

    On a really funny note, I kept pronouncing it, “uh-dee-fee” and was wondering what it was supposed to mean.  Then it hit me:  EDIFY!  Doh!

    • Now that sounds like something i might do! ahah

  • Nobody

    Ouch, the stupidity.. it burnz!

  • I’m a Christian computer scientist. This makes my head hurt to consider. At least if you’re going to make up your own super-holy gadget, make it a respectable one that people would actually want to use.

  • ReverendRumbleFish

    Every time I see “Christian” in front of anything (i.e. video games, toys, music, etc.), I cannot help but to expect that “anything” to be poor in quality, cheap, dishonest, and a generally bad rip off of what it is trying to be a Christian version of.

    • And that’s maybe the really irritating thing…all too often when people try to render a “Christian” version of something, what they produce is just plain crap by the standards of “somethingness.”  So I’m no more surprised they used a cheap junk tablet (probably a Coby or something) to make their “Christian” device, than I am by the poor artistic quality of a lot of “Christian” music and art.  It is my considered opinion that most of what passes for “Christian entertainment” is neither Christian nor entertaining.  And I find it embarrassing that those who try the hardest to Christianize things produce such mediocre (and worse) output.

  • i’m an ex-FCS employee… ugh. (In my defense, they were the only company that gave me an interview). By the time i was able to leave for a different job, i felt like i’d sold my soul. 

  • when i first saw the edifi tablet announced on matthew paul turner’s site, one of his commenters suggested christian popsicles ::

    This is the part where I insert my joke about a frozen treat, equivalent to TestMints, with bible verses on the popsicle stick. It’s called Testicles.And this is the part where you chuckle, cause it’s so funny.

  • Shelly

    It’s funny. All of the things it advertises I can get as free aps for my phone anyway! I worked in a locally owned Bible Store for 6 years and by the end I hated ‘christians’. I could complain about it for decades but now with Internet shopping I can get the Christian things I need through anywhere I want. The reality used to be that I could only go there for things I needed, but it’s not anymore which is awesome.

  • This is less dangerous than something like Relevant Magazine (or other “Christian” versions of things)… at least the ideology is front and center with this thing. (That’s not a dig at you, Kurt, since you’ve started writing for them, just a long held cynicism).

    • Bo… I disagree with your assessment of something like relevant magazine. There is a difference between something that is a “Christian” genre and something that is an “Christian” imitation. Christian genre does not bother me just like science fiction or any other genre doesn’t bother me in particular. It is when Christians imitate things in a cheesy fashion that we should be bothered.

      • A.) I worry about what the markers are of the “Christian genre” B.) Who gets to decide on those C.) Perhaps “Christian” should never be an adjective applied to non-humans. and on the original note, I still think it’s clear that something like Relevant, though it dresses and acts cooler, is still performing the exact same function as “Edifi”and criticizing the folks over at Family Christian is just akin to making fun of the uncool kids at school, even though youre all just playing the who can be the most popular game. After all, Relevant also provides access to Bible verse, encourages avoiding pornography, and propagates Christian music and literature. The Edifi is just the bare bones ideology without the window dressing. But I could be wrong ; )

  • Mark Leberfinger

    Kurt, you’re absolutely right about what should define Christian community, but I tend to look at this as a glass half-full. At least, Family Christian is trying to make something relevant to the technological culture. I’m not going to run out to buy it. It may be “crappy” , but it’s intriguing to me.