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Is the Church still emerging?

This article is a response to one I poste a week ago. What do you think? Here’s an excerpt: This morning I was reading a post from Kurt Willems’ blog about John Piper’s comments on the Emerging Church. The post contains a You Tube clip of what Piper said and then critiques what is said within that. Willems explains why [Read More…]

Obama on Fighting Against Slavery at Home and Abroad

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Did the Devil come up with the separation of church and state?

From Greg Boyd’s ReKnew: I encourage you to read this article. In it, Rick Perry claims that the idea of the separation of the church and state is from Satan, and he and others will next week embark on a 40 days to save America campaign, which (as far as I can tell) means “40 days to [Read More…]

Making an argument the “Christian” way?

In recent theological discussions I have noticed that I and others fall into traps that are best avoided if we want to discover more truth. Here are my suggestion of arguing styles to be wary of. 1) Antithetical This describes the tendency to imply that there are only two possible choices when discussing an issue. [Read More…]