Mumford and Sons, God, and Babel

Excerpt From Tim Neufeld’s Blog:

On their second album, Babel, Mumford and Sons continue to dismantle the modern project. Refusing to settle for a bifurcated sense of spirit and flesh—the Divine on one side of a chasm and humanity on the other—these anthems, ballads, and stomps (iTunes labels them “alternate,” but it’s hard to know what to call these tracks) are all prayers. And they’re love songs. Often they’re both. However, one thing is certain: the listener won’t find any trite Jesus-is-my-boyfriend platitudes here.

M&S paint pictures of humanity’s gritty, fallen, and desperate condition… The songwriter continually acknowledges his own weakness, unfaithfulness and need for grace. And that’s what makes this such a refreshing compilation… The Divine will break forth into creation. Healing comes….

Babel is a collection of fifteen songs (deluxe album), each a story of conflict and/or triumph, that point us to the messiness of life… offering more questions than answers, but always pointing to something beyond the narcissistic self the Western world is so familiar with and so unable to recognize….. READ MORE


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  • Malte

    As someone who tends to dislike Mumford & Sons, this has actually made me a little bit curious.

  • Jessica Mokrzycki

    I have completely fallen in love with Mumford and Sons! Their lyrics really resonate with me…This was a great write-up. Thanks! :)