Women and Ministry from Scripture and History (Ben Witherington)

This episode features Dr. Ben Witherington III on the role of Women and Ministry from Scripture.

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  • Pat68

    I like what he said near the end about Paul working within the structure of society. That’s what I’ve always believed when people raise the question about him supporting slavery.

  • Bob Freeman

    If you read the letter of Pliny the Younger Roman Governor to Pontus and Bythinia to Emperor Trajan (c 111), you will learn some interesting facts about the lives of the early christians. In the letter you will also read that Pliny had two of the christian girls he had on trial for their christian worship and faith referred to as “deaconess” retained and tortured to see if he could learn the truth about this new religion spreading throughout the Roman Empire, and to determine their exact crimes under Roman Law. You can read it here by clicking on this link: http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/text/pliny.html

    I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit gives the same gifts to men and women, and that it is the responsibility of each recipient to properly exercise their gifts.