Christ comes to us today to prepare us for his 2nd coming

This morning as I was reading Common Prayer: liturgy for ordinary radicals, a quote stood out to me that I wanted to share on the blog.

Paschasius Radbertus, a ninth-century Benedictine, wrote,

“The apostles took every care not to be drawn from the right path. They kept watch, observing the universal precepts their master had given to his disciples so as to be ready when he came again. Consequently we must always be on the lookout for Christ’s twofold coming, the one when he comes day after day to stir our consciences, and the other when we shall have to give an account of everything we have done. He comes to us now in order that his future coming may find us prepared.”

May we find ourselves prepared to meet the resurrected Christ in our day today, tomorrow, and forevermore until he returns to restore all things and to hold us accountable!

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  • Kelsey Westerhof

    Oh my gosh! I read that this morning as well. We really liked it, and it’s funny cause we did our prayers as a break from studying for our exam on ecclesiology and eschatology! I think I might have a point for the essay question.