God is not an Oldsmobile – What we talk about when we talk about God (Rob Bell)

This is a great promo video for Rob Bell’s latest book: What We Talk about When We Talk about God. I’m looking forward to reading this one.

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  • otot

    Definitely seems like an interesting and relevant idea, I’ll try to check the book out…
    I agree that God exists outside of time and that the way we see and interact Him might change, but I don’t think that Christians should change their theology just to become more culturally acceptable or culturally relevant. I hope Rob Bell addresses that in his book

  • I hope that Rob recognizes the timeless and transcendent nature of the Biblical God, and doesn’t just update our notions to be “with the times.” You correctly pointed out this risk in your own article about your daughter. But the vibe I get from this video (besides the “wow! Rob has hair and lost his metro glasses!”) is a bit like looking for new wineskins, which from the beginning I’ve thought was one of the problems with the so-called “Emergent” movement.

    Yes, we need to remove the graffiti that has been painted over God (not my term…that comes from my friend Carl Medearis’ book Speaking of Jesus – the Art of Not-Evangelism). But the Oldsmobile metaphor can be taken too far if we wind up just replacing our old conservative God with a modern liberal God.

  • Thanks Kurt – I look forward to ready this book. Just downloaded it to my Ipad.