10 Podcasts on the Book of Revelation and Empire

66-Revelation_8x10_300dpi At Pangea Communities, we are ten messages into our series on Revelation. We have focused on themes such as spiritual formation, radical discipleship, empire, and God’s Kingdom.

For many of us, we grew up thinking that Revelation was a book that: proved Jesus was a badass after all (and not merely that hippie in the Sermon on the Mount), legitimated religiously motivated violence, placed our hope in a future rapture, and kept us in check from sin so we wouldn’t get left behind. O, how wrong I was.

Revelation is a book of hope.

Revelation is a book of sacrifice.

Revelation is a book of gardens and cities.

Revelation is a book that exposes violence.

Revelation is a book that calls out empires.

Revelation is a book that summons us into a better way of being human.

Revelation is a book that features, front and center, a slaughtered lamb.

Revelation is...

These are some of the themes we’ve touched on in our Revelation series at Pangea Communities (the new church plant that I help lead). I hope you will catch up on our series and take advantage of these 10 podcasts on the book of Revelation and Empire.

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