New Podcast Explores Paul, Gender in the Roman World, and Homophobia

Paul and love

In this special edition of The Paulcast, I explore a topic that is on the hearts and minds of many people in the aftermath of the horrific shooting that took place in Orlando. 50 lives were lost. 49 lives were lost because of one thing: their identity. LGBTQ persons continue to struggle to find equal footing in our society, and this tragedy is another reminder of how far our culture has to go to make a safer and more humanizing world.

I discuss the need for *nuance* when talking about Paul and LGBTQ folks. The center for Paul and Jesus is always love, no matter where one lands on the traditional–progressive interpretation spectrum of the controversial passages. Love trumps our theological preferences: every single time.

Questions are often raised, during times like this, about how the Scriptures speak to issues pertaining to sexuality. In this episode of The Paulcast, I examine the Roman vision of sexuality and virtue and how Paul confronted such ideals of hierarchy with a better way: the way of love. Is Paul homophobic? Doubtful. Was Paul speaking to issues of same-sex practices that are the same as what LGBTQ folks advocate for today as blessed before God in the context of covenantal marriage? That is a “debatable matter.”

What isn’t up for debate, however, is Paul’s insistence that Christ-followers of differing convictions belong at the same table. Without solving the “who is right?” question, I offer some observations about gender in the ancient world that ‘traditionalists’ and ‘progressives’ tend to interpret differently.

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