Logos 7 is Here! Time to Nerd Out a Bit!


Every time a new version of Logos comes out, I get giddy. This is by far the coolest sermon resource that I have. And the endless commentaries, dictionaries, translations, Greek/Hebrew tools, helpful preaching illustrations, interactive images, and so many other helpful resources are just amazing. I may sound like I’m talking this thing up, but honestly, if one harnesses the power of this digital bible study tool, it really creates an opportunity to dive deeper than ever before into the Scriptures and history. For me, a biblical studies nerd: this is a huge win!

Logos Bible Software is the first place I go for insights about any paper I’m writing, sermon I’m preparing, or simply for chasing theological rabbit trails. It’s amazing how the indexed search features for all of my resources saves me time and makes me a better communicator. If you love to study the Scriptures, Logos saves hours of effort and highlights the best information in the process. Yes, having hard copies around can be helpful at times, but having a Logos library is helpful all the time. I can’t recommend this resource enough to pastors, scholars, and armchair theologians alike!

Cool Features

There is no doubt that the features of Logos Bible Software are great. Some that I love, that have been part of Logos for some time include: being able to type a reference into a search box and have every commentary, translation, and resource in a parallel format; the ability to do word searches in important books (for me, the resources I have on Paul that are Logos based, are so helpful for researching themes… goodbye index!); and the option to click on a word and have language tools point out the nuances of Greek terminology. These things continue be helpful and are refined with every new edition of Logos. But there are features in the Logos 7 Packages that I’m also excited about. Here are some of them…

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