9:3 Patriarchy Gets Personal

In Part III of our September conversation, Lisa joins the ongoing discussion and the group considers how our individual views of gender equality can be influenced by the patriarchs in our lives.

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Coming in October: Female Spiritual Power

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  • Youngbookshelf

    I really enjoyed these podcasts. I think some excellent
    points were brought up, and I really like where you ended up.


    I especially liked Kathy’s point about the church structure
    being temporal, and that the family unit being the only eternal structure. To
    me this means that in the end, a woman’s feeling of equality within her own
    family is the most important thing.


    I’m glad Kathy brought up my comment on the need for charity
    between women with different views about gender equality in the church. I worry
    that my comment might be taken to mean that it is a good thing to base our
    charity on an assumption that the person who disagrees with us is simply afraid (of change, or of our ideas).
    Though it is not uncharitable to consider the possibility of fear in another,
    if it were our only way of generating charitable feelings in ourselves towards
    those we find it hard to persuade, it could lead to a dangerous assumption of
    superiority instead of a true yearning for mutual understanding and
    inclusiveness. (I’m not saying that Kathy meant to imply this at all—I’m just
    worried that my comment might be taken that way.)