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Podcast 10 Intro

October's Topic: Redefining ManhoodThis month, guest Tiffany Lewis joins the Round Table to discuss issues relating to her Deseret News article, Raising our boys into men.  Here are some of our initial reactions to the article, which we share with Tiffany in our group discussion.From Lisa: "The thing she says that I do have some interest in/ sympathy for, is the idea that boys can benefit from having defined markers to look forward to that mark them as 'men'.  I also think these things can b … [Read more...]

10:1 Turning Men into Boys?

In Part I of our October conversation, Neylan, Chelsea, Kathryn, and Emily along with guest Tiffany Lewis discuss concerns about the development of boys and young men.Listen to Part II here.[audio:] … [Read more...]

10:2 Gender, education, and parenting

In part II of our October conversation, we continue the discussion with guest Tiffany Lewis by considering gender issues in education and parenting.Listen to Part III here.[audio:] … [Read more...]

10:3 Bringing Up Father

In Part III of our October conversation, we conclude our discussion by considering how mothers and fathers can work together to maximize the father's involvement in parenting.[audio:] … [Read more...]