6:3 Love and Marriage

In Part III of our June conversation about marriage, participants discuss their own marriages and share what they've learned through experience about making marriage relationships stronger.[audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/RT6_3.mp3]Coming in July: Divorce and Single Living in LDS Culture … [Read more...]

Podcast 5 Intro

May's Topic: Mormon MotherhoodTo listen to this podcast on-site, begin here. To download this podcast via iTunes, click here.Our May podcasts feature Round Table members interviewing their mothers about Mormon motherhood and commenting on their own experiences in turn. For this month's challenge, we encourage you to take some time and interview your own mom. Ask these five questions and be sure to record the conversation for posterity. Do the same with your mother-in-law, sisters, and d … [Read more...]

5:1 A Mother-Daughter Retrospective

In Part I of this month's conversation, Round Table members talk with their very own moms about the ups, downs, surprises, and hopes of mothering. (1:26:43)[audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/RoundTable5_1.mp3]Listen to Part II here. … [Read more...]

5:2 Does History Repeat Itself?

In Part II of our May conversation, Round Table members comment on what the mother-daughter conversations reveal about motherhood, and the ways in which their own experiences are both similar to and different from those of a generation ago. (20:00)[audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/RoundTable5_2.mp3]♦ Listen to Part 3 here. Join the conversation in the comment section below. … [Read more...]

5:3 A Mother’s Place

In Part III of our May conversation, participants discuss the roles mothers play in the Mormon practice and culture. (27:14)[audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/RoundTable5_3.mp3]Coming in June: Mormon Marriage Join the conversation in the comments section below. … [Read more...]

Podcast 4 Intro

April’s Topic: Body Image and SexualityTo listen to this podcast on-site, begin here. To download this podcast via iTunes, click here.This month's Round Table challenge comes from our guest Christine Whelan's new book Generation WTF: From "What the #%$&!" to a Wise, Tenacious, and Fearless You, which features traditional virtue-based guidance remixed for today's young (and not-so-young!) adults.In order to create the solid moral foundation needed to withstand the negative influences of … [Read more...]

4.1: Self-directed Virtue

In part 1 of our April conversation, Catholic sociologist Dr. Christine Whelan explains why and how young people must look within themselves to find the core values which govern their moral decisions. (26:33)♦ Listen to Part 2 here. Join the conversation in the comment section below.[audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/RoundTable_4_1_final.mp3] … [Read more...]

4.2 Transcending Taboos

In part 2 of our April conversation, Dr. Whelan describes how young people can integrate their identified core values into their everyday lives, and the discussion turns to social obstacles which hamper needed dialogue regarding sexuality for women of all ages. (18:44)♦ Listen to Part 3 here. Join the conversation in the comment section below.[audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/RoundTable_4_2_final.mp3] … [Read more...]

4.3: Hindsight and Hope

In part 3 of our April conversation, Round Table participants share their personal experiences regarding sex education in their homes and at Church, discuss the complexities of developing a healthy body image, and express their hopes for rising generations of young women. (35:48)♦Coming in May: Mormon Motherhood Join the conversation in the comment section below.[audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/RoundTable_4_3_final1.mp3] … [Read more...]

Podcast 3 Intro

March's Topic: The Evolution of Personal IdentityTo listen to this podcast on-site, begin here. To download this podcast via iTunes, click here.The Round Table wants to invite our listeners to participate in a three part challenge for the month of March. Our podcast focused on the concept of identity and self within the LDS church and we want to encourage you to more critically discover, understand, and share your own identity within the gospel. This challenge will be about discovering who … [Read more...]