Becoming Leaders

elephants - ManicMorFF (morguefile)

We have to allow ourselves, continuously, to re-enter the state of becoming, with open eyes and open arms, with courage, and as much grace as we can muster. [Read more...]

Creating the Outcast: #NJC Ch 4


Instead of treating the formerly incarcerated as outcasts and outlaws, how can we find ways to change our communities and welcome them home? [Read more...]

Yearning To Be Free

Pigeon in flight - by haml (morguefile)

We’ve forgotten we can love one another. We’ve forgotten that we, too, are outsiders. We must hold out our hands to each other across racial and other divides, or our souls will continue to harden and slowly crack. The rifts between us will widen, and then swallow us all whole. [Read more...]

Irrational Fears, Irrational Systems: #NJC Ch 3


 Welcome to the 6 month study group on Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. All comments are screened. Disagreement is fine. Incivility will not be tolerated. Subscribing via RSS and subscribing to comments is recommended. You may join the group at any time. For more information please read this linked post. [Read More...]

Public Priesthood: Big Fish in a Small Pond

Red Ribbon Carp - MsThurnell (morguefile)

Some have written much about whether or not professional clergy is useful to Paganism. Others have written to deride or uphold “Big Name Pagans.” I’m not going to do any of that. What I want to do is talk about the reality of my life. And some hard numbers. [Read more...]

Locking Down Justice: #NJC Ch 2

The Big Graph at Eastern State Penitentiary shows the rise in incarceration from 1900 through today.

In examining systemic injustice, it is incumbent upon those of us who study myth and honor story to examine the ways those myths affect our lives and the lives of those around us. [Read more...]

Honoring the Gods: Pagan Values Month


Relationships are about both “as we are” and “as we are becoming.” When we honor ourselves, we honor our friends – and vice versa. When we honor ourselves and our friends, we honor the Gods. [Read more...]

Caste and Systems: #NJC Intro & Ch 1

New Jim Crow

In our discussions on mass incarceration, I will keep pointing us toward systems thinking rather than personalized or case-by-case thinking. We will need to follow the threads we are familiar with and try to see the pattern they form. To do this, we will need to, like Michelle Alexander did, examine our assumptions: What are our assumptions about one another and about the society we live in? What are our assumptions about ourselves? [Read more...]

God(s) Talk: Defining Terms

Pallas Athena by Grafixar (morguefile)

Theology is limiting. One one hand, it takes our experience of the cosmos and tries to give it context or meaning. On the other hand, it holds up a template that our experiences and thoughts are supposed to fit themselves into. Sometimes our theologies contradict one another. We are trying to make sense of the cosmos, to “eff the ineffable” as a friend says, to chart the numinous and connect it to the concrete. [Read more...]

Toppling Prisons, Healing Culture – Studying the New Jim Crow

New Jim Crow

There is a call to help overturn the devastation of the War on Drugs and mass incarceration through the Prison Industrial Complex. But before we start a movement, we have to know what we are up against. [Read more...]