Kantzer Lectures with Stephen Williams Are Up

stephen_williamsAs an employee of the Henry Center at TEDS, I’m glad to pass on that the Kantzer Lectures with Stephen Williams are now posted free of charge for the viewing of the general public.  You will find the lectures professionally edited and theologically stimulating, I think.

September 8-15, 2009 | Dr. Stephen Williams (Union Theological College, Belfast, Ireland)

Series Title
: The Election of Grace: a Riddle without Resolution?

Lectures on election with special reference to Karl Barth, the Bible, and the pastoral function of the doctrine. All lectures were free and open to the public.

Series Outline

Lecture One, Tuesday, September 8 | Video

Lecture Two, Wednesday, September 9 | Video

Lecture Three, Thursday, September 10 | Video

Lecture Four, Monday, September 14 | Video

Lecture Five, Monday, September 14 | Video

Lecture Six Tuesday, September 15 | Video


In addition, here’s the content from Ravi Zacharias’s recent visit, in case you missed it:

Toward an Evangelical Understanding of Postmodernism and Mission | Video

Audience Q&A | Video
Interview | Video

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