Announcing The New Christian Conservatism

Today at 12:30pm I am giving a lecture at the Family Research Council on “The Sacrificial Witness of the Christian Moral Tradition.”  In the Family Policy Lecture, I’ll cover such disparate threads as Augustine, Blandina, Rachel Held Evans, Jonathan Franzen, and much more.  Here’s the info about the event, which you can live-stream should you be so moved:

In today’s world Christianity is often seen as a religious relic of the past. Dr. Owen Strachan issues a clarion call to the next generation of Christians to realize the times demand a strong biblically-grounded, moral witness. Born out of a spirit of sacrifice and humility Christians, must speak out for godliness and righteousness in our public sphere. Dr. Strachan will explain what must be done if the great Christian witness of the past is to once again influence our culture and its government.

Register for the live-stream here.  In the latter part of the lecture, I’m going to talk about “the new Christian conservatism.”  This is a movement I see brewing, contra the media’s self-fulfilling narrative about young evangelicals distancing themselves from issues of great cultural import–abortion, marriage, religious liberty.

There is in actual fact a great deal of momentum among young Christians, and I’m personally eager to see it bloom.

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