Bill Maher Led a Promiscuous, Cocaine-Dealing Atheist to Christ

The most captivating public moment I witnessed in the past year was at Together for the Gospel in Louisville, Kentucky. A man I’ve never met named John Joseph shared his story of salvation. If you doubt whether God is real, the gospel is true, and sinners really can be transformed, watch this three-minute video. It will blow you away.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith” (Romans 1:16-17).

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  • Jonathan McIntosh

    Praise Christ for his faithfulness!

    • ostrachan

      Amen my brother. If this does not stop us dead in our tracks, and make us see that God is real and active and saving sinners of all kinds, I don’t know what will.

      The gospel is awesome. Just awesome. No one is beyond the Lord’s reach. No one.

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  • Aaron

    That brother just told my story, almost detail for detail (including RZ). Praise the Lord!

    • ostrachan

      Can you share any details? Love to hear more.

  • Bill Lindt

    I often pray that I go to hell because that’s where people need me the most. I just couldn’t be in heaven while there are people suffering in hell. Even if I couldn’t provide any solace, I’d at least join with them in their suffering and let them know that they’re not alone.

    • ostrachan

      Bill, you don’t want to go to hell, my friend. There will be no solace to provide there. Focus your efforts on joining with a gospel-preaching local church that is witnessing here and now to people who need Jesus. The Scripture makes clear that there is no postmortem opportunity to repent and be saved in hell (see Luke 16).

      I commend your heart but would urge you to search the Scriptures on this question.

    • D.W. Fulton

      Listen to Bill Wiese “23 Minutes In Hell”. You don’t want to go there ever! You won’t be able to “visit” or talk to ANYBODY. Although you will hear FOREVER the screams of millions upon millions of the lost souls who are beyond hope and on the edge of (but cannot escape to) insanity. You won’t be able to comfort anyone, let alone yourself. Read Bill’s story and pray that ALL who want to be with God will come to know Him before it’s too late.

    • lara

      Dear Bill,
      You are either being silly, or you’re woefully ignorant. Who else would joke around about something so dreadful. The fact is > there will be NO camaraderie in hell . Hell is a separation, not only from God our Maker ,but from all others .It is an eternal separation , an eternal thirsting , an eternal loneliness . Those in hell will have awareness of these losses & will be able to see others like themselves there , but will not be able to communicate with each other . Read Luke 16:22-31 ….& shudder.

  • PZ

    Bill Maher did the same for me. Thank God for Bill Maher. If it hadn’t been for him, I would never have known Christ.

    • ostrachan

      Can you share what you mean? I’m definitely intrigued.

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  • Brian Trapp

    Fantastic video, Owen. Sometimes the posturing of hostile atheists doesn’t yield the intended results.

  • sbgndfsd

    Where is the article on Bill Maher? There is nothing here that has anything to do with the title.

    • ostrachan

      That’s quite a name–is that German?

      Watch the video, my friend. The story is in the video.

    • David

      The entire video is a man telling how Bill Maher’s video “Religulous” disgusted him so much that this man started exploring Christianity and eventually came to Christ.

  • Merlene

    Because of Calvary, we all have the Blessed promise of eternity with our Lord. That, and so much more while we are here, but we need to read the Scripture, and study, so we can understand, just exactly what our Birthright is as God’s own. Even many miniters don’t fully understand that the only limitations on God’s Power, are the ones we place on him….our lack of Faith or inability to simply CLAIM what is ours in HIS name under the Blood of Jesus, costs us so much! God is a supernatural being, so our faith has to be able to “go there” and when it does, we will receive everything he wants us to have as his Children….

  • Gary Kurtz

    Please be extra understanding when dealing with an atheist. Remember you are speaking with a fool. (Ps.14:1).

  • Gary

    Thank God we who believe the Gospel will not get what we deserve

  • Rae Bowdler

    Praise the Lord – the angels will be singing songs of Joy. Thanks for sharing. I was a muslim and Jesus rescued me and I never stop every day to praise and worship him.

  • Teresa

    What an amazing and wonderful story of redemption and the power of the gospel! Thank you, thank you Lord!!!

  • Robert Sawall

    Never underestimate the power of Christ’s gospel. As a world missionary, if I would have thought that I had the ability to change hearts, I would have been a fool. With layer upon layer of different theological views covering the hearts of those in Indonesia, Africa, etc., there’s only one power that can lift the darkness of unbelief smothering souls blinded by Satan. It is Christ’s gospel. No matter how far removed a child, a spouse, a friend is from Christ, Christ’s gospel will draw him to know God’s love that Jesus offers. I’ve seen many miracles happen when death was imminent, but God’s love in Jesus turns black heartss to the light of God’s savlation.