Children & Sweden’s Witch Trials

17th century Sweden, like many European countries, saw witch hunts and witch trials, and children often played a large role in the accusations of witchcraft. [Read more…]

Using Tarot for Self Care

The people who love and depend on us need us to be healthy and whole more than they need us to be productive and perfect. Keeping this in mind is essential. Divination tools like the Tarot can be helpful for us when we are stuck on how to make that work. [Read more…]

Patheos Pagan Writers on Samhain

With so many different spiritualities present at Patheos Pagan I reached out to our writers and asked them what they were doing to celebrate the season. Not surprisingly, the answer was “all sorts of things!” [Read more…]

Halloween: The Welcoming of Darkness

Still, for those who authentically practice the ancient pagan ways, Samhain is a serious and holy date. For me this holiday signals a welcomed reconnection with darkness, the beginning of my winter inner journey. [Read more…]

Finding That Magical Place

In England, there is a truly magical town. It is small and beautifully formed from ancient moss covered stone. It produces very special and strangely powerful creative forces. [Read more…]

Shamhat & The Shaman

If we respond to fear-mongering by dropping into fear (collective panic) and using the language of conflict in response, we remain locked into an old polarized pattern, we continue an ancient dance. [Read more…]

Polytheism’s Future

Author’s note: this is based on the remarks I prepared for the plenary panel at Many Gods West 2016.  While not all of what is in here was read off in discussion, partially because I prefer to adapt and adjust my thoughts when speaking publicly but also due to simple nervousness, this is a summation [Read More…]

What Was Your First Pagan Book?

What was your first Pagan book and how big of an effect did it have on you? We asked our writers here at Patheos Pagan that very question and got some surprising answers. [Read more…]

Celebrating the First Harvest: Patheos Pagan Writers on Lammas

Patheos Pagan Writers share their thoughts on Lammas, the first harvest. [Read more…]

Solar Deities Throughout History

For as long as humans have existed on this Earth, their various civilizations have developed religious beliefs surrounding the importance of the Sun. [Read more…]