Using Tarot for Self Care

I’ve seen a lot of negative buzz about the notion of self-care in the past year. A few years ago, spiritual blogs, magazines, books, etc., included something about the importance of self-care. But recently, I’ve seen more of these sentiments in my social media feeds. “Self-care is elitist.” “Self-care is for people who can afford aerial yoga and $40 cuticle lotion.” “Who has time for self-care?” Yes, aerial yoga and expensive cuticle lotions are certainly beyond the reach of most... Read more

Patheos Pagan Writers on Samhain

It’s Samhain season, a time of year I’ve heard referred to more than once as “Pagan Christmas.” With so many different spiritualities present at Patheos Pagan I reached out to our writers and asked them what they were doing to celebrate the season. Not surprisingly, the answer was “all sorts of things!” From all of us here, to all of you out there, thanks for reading and have a magickal Samhain and a spooky Halloween! Yvonne Aburrow (Dowsing For Divinity)... Read more

Halloween: The Welcoming of Darkness

Halloween is one of the most celebrated dates in our culture, each year seeming to grow in popularity across the Western world. It signals the beginning of the holiday season, an eve that provides children the occasion to dress in costume and parade around neighborhoods harvesting treats—even when it falls on a school night. Adults, too, have taken to the date. For some it provides the right to decorate their homes in kitsch displays of pop horror or adorn themselves... Read more

Finding That Magical Place

WARNING – Living in Chagford will make you magically creative! It is therefore inevitable that The English Magic Tarot has been created in Chagford. In England, there is a truly magical town. It is small and beautifully formed from ancient moss covered stone. It produces very special and strangely powerful creative forces. Chagford seen from Meldon Chagford was recently voted the best place to live in England with good reason…it will make you create magical things!... Read more

Shamhat & The Shaman

Recurrent Dream For many years I had a recurrent mysterious dream: I find myself high up in a tower in ancient Sumeria. At the very top is a domain or Temple dedicated to the Great Goddess.This Temple is open on three sides: to the Rising Sun, the Setting Sun, the Moon, the mountains in the distanc as well as the night sky and the elements. In this sanctuary, her Holy of Holies, the High Priestess performs her rites to keep... Read more

Polytheism’s Future

Author’s note: this is based on the remarks I prepared for the plenary panel at Many Gods West 2016.  While not all of what is in here was read off in discussion, partially because I prefer to adapt and adjust my thoughts when speaking publicly but also due to simple nervousness, this is a summation of what I presented and my thoughts on the future of polytheism.  It is also influenced by discussions that have taken place since then. Modern... Read more

What Was Your First Pagan Book?

In many ways Modern Paganism was built upon books. Since there aren’t a whole lot of Pagan Churches out there the first contact many of us have with Pagan ideas comes through books (though in twenty years we might be asking, “what was your first Pagan blog?”). Without “just the right book” many of us might not be here today. What follows are some of the books that changed the lives of many of us here at Patheos. Have a... Read more

Celebrating the First Harvest: Patheos Pagan Writers on Lammas

Lammas (or Lughnassa) is the first great harvest festival of the year. It’s generally celebrated sometime between July 31 and August 2 (dates on this sabbat vary) and depending on where you live, is either the start of Fall or the height of Summer. No matter how you celebrate (or what you call the holiday) we hope you have a blessed one. (And to our readers in the Southern Hemisphere, Happy Imbolc!) “The Harvest Moon” by... Read more

Solar Deities Throughout History

For as long as humans have existed on this Earth, their various civilizations have developed religious beliefs surrounding the importance of the Sun. As time has passed, some of these early ideas have developed and established themselves into cultures of todays. A number of religions and ethnic groups not only see significant in the sun itself but worship their own solar deities, or gods and goddess, who represent the Sun, or one of its features for example it’s strength, warmth... Read more

Self Love and Polyamory

My path to being polyamorous started before I knew it had. If I am honest with myself and all of my past relationships and lovers, polyamory is something I always needed yet never had a term for, throughout my entire dating history. In my young adulthood I experimented with open relationship dynamics, but neither my boyfriend nor I had the key ingredients it took to make the situation remotely healthy. Beyond having a lack of good communication skills, we didn’t... Read more