May 16, 2019

We ask Voodoo Universe’s Lilith Dorsey the big questions, things like which borough has the best pizza and whether or not anyone should ever eat the diner lobster. Read more

April 21, 2019

Is ranch dressing a condiment? David Bowie or the Beatles? We ask Lisa Wagoner the hard questions about life. Read more

April 19, 2019

Are you really addicted to tea? What’s your favorite kind of tea and how do you drink it? All of that and more in this rather silly interview. Read more

March 28, 2019

People get a sense of community out of reading our magazines. You will not find an article that attempts to take somebody and tear them down. We have a beautiful, wonderful set of interlocking communities that I want to uphold and uplift. You won’t find a scandal on our pages. We’re there to uplift and bring the community together, not tear us apart. Read more

February 6, 2019

A new devotional anthology is being created. Editors Jason Mankey, Gwion Raven, and John Beckett are looking for your stories of Cernunnos and your devotional works to Cernunnos for a book that will be published later this year. Read more

January 23, 2019

A lot of us who write here at Patheos Pagan will be on the road at various Pagan festivals and events in February and March. While we are all out and about, come say hi, attend a workshop, or pick up a book. We’d love to see you! And we really do love talking to readers. If you weren’t here, we probably wouldn’t be either! PantheaCon San Jose CA, February 15- PantheaCon is the biggest Pagan days-long gathering in North… Read more

January 22, 2019

Sometimes just picking up the pendulum when upset can be very comforting. It’s an outer sign that we are attempting to connect with our High Self and Spirit. The pendulum is a reminder of a spiritual connection that is always there, to which we can become receptive in a moment. Read more

December 26, 2018

A round-up of some of the most read and influential articles published at Patheos Pagan in 2018. To everyone reading, commenting, and whatever else, words can’t express our thanks! Thanks for being a part of P Pagan in 2018! Read more

December 14, 2018

Casting a spell is about aligning conscious with subconscious to carry out the intentions of individual witches. To work magick, you must unite your being in as perfect a manner as possible to send forth your intent into the cosmos so it manifests properly. Read more

October 25, 2018

Reclaiming my identity as an intersex woman is a part of my spiritual journey. As part of my own journey to healing, I have chosen to be authentic in my self-representation, and hopefully my story will assist others in doing the same. With this article, I hope to bring greater visibility to intersex people and clearer understanding of how our challenges may be similar to the challenges of the LGBT community, but we face much different circumstances. Read more

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