One might see Satanism as a form of Gnosticism: a view of scriptures and myths, usually in favor of man, sex, and knowledge, over an unjust god. Read more

Heathenry worldwide is growing, vibrant, and blossoming. Yet just out of sight a tide of bigotry lurks in the deep, tainting and tarnishing the reputation of Heathens worldwide. Read more

Some of the best articles from Patheos Pagan in 2015, as selected by Jason Mankey, Channel Editor. Read more

How do you celebrate the solstice this time of year? Read more

Your journey of soul beckons, calling you to step past the life and world that you know in search of home within and without, and your true, most beautiful Self. Read more

Orion Foxwood is a best-selling Pagan author and one of its most beloved and popular teachers. Read more

An elemental blessing for World AIDS Day, may everyone be allowed to live with dignity and in peace. Read more

Morgan Daimler has written numerous books and is a Heathen, a Witch, and a Celtic Reconstructionist. We sat down with her to talk about her books, her writing process, and a whole lot more. Read more

We have it within ourselves and each other to build a better future for Heathens living today and all those who will follow in our footsteps. It is our responsibility to give them the best world and the best Heathenry we can. Read more

Segomâros Widugeni is an author, blogger, and one of the leading lights of today’s Gaulish Polytheism. He talked to our Sean Harbaugh about finding Paganism, the Polytheist movement, and where to begin when looking into the Celtic Recon path. Read more

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