Connecting With the Moon

So what is important in a Celtic witch’s calendar? Not looking at one, for a start. Read more

Changes Coming to Stonehenge For the Summer Solstice

Druid leader and eco-warrior King Arthur Pendragon has a new battle on his hands. He is firmly in opposition to the new English Heritage proposals for a car park charge and alcohol ban at this year’s Summer Solstice celebration at Stonehenge. Read more

The Uncomfortable Mirror

A piece I wrote has created a bit of an internet furor, and so I’d like to clarify some things. Read more

Patheos Pagan Update

Thank you all, Patheos Pagan isn’t just about the writers, it’s about all of us sharing and coming together. Read more

Problems in Heathenry in its Current State

A look at some of the issues facing modern day Heathenry. Read more

Patheos Pagan at PantheaCon

Patheos Pagan writers will be involved in over 30 rituals, panels, workshops, and lectures at this year’s PantheaCon. Here’s a list of who’s going and what they will be doing. Read more

Patheos Pagan Writers on Imbolc

Over the years I’ve found Imbolc to be the most varied of all the Pagan sabbats. It can be about Spring, snow, Brigit, and a dozen other things. I asked the writers at Patheos Pagan their feelings on the holiday and got a variety of answers. Read more

The Alchemy of Activism: The Satanic Temple

One might see Satanism as a form of Gnosticism: a view of scriptures and myths, usually in favor of man, sex, and knowledge, over an unjust god. Read more

Enough is Enough

Heathenry worldwide is growing, vibrant, and blossoming. Yet just out of sight a tide of bigotry lurks in the deep, tainting and tarnishing the reputation of Heathens worldwide. Read more

The Best of Patheos Pagan 2015

Some of the best articles from Patheos Pagan in 2015, as selected by Jason Mankey, Channel Editor. Read more

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