The Uncomfortable Mirror

A piece I wrote has created a bit of an internet furor, and so I’d like to clarify some things. My name is Rhyd Wildermuth. I am the co-founder of Gods&Radicals, a non-profit Pagan Anti-Capitalist publisher, where I am currently the Managing Editor. I’m also a monthly columnist for The Wild Hunt and co-founder of (but am not involved in organising this year) Many Gods West, a polytheist conference in Olympia, Washington. You may also recognize my name as one... Read more

Patheos Pagan Update

Back in March of last year I took over as the editor of Patheos Pagan. I’d say that it only feels like yesterday but the extra grey hairs on the top of my head beg to differ. Don’t worry it’s nothing my hair stylist can’t fix . . . Since we last chatted in August we’ve added five six new blogs to the Patheos Pagan family and there are more on the way. The goal is to build a diverse... Read more

Problems in Heathenry in its Current State

Heathens United Against Racism (HUAR) has many intelligent, strong individuals that see the necessity to speak up about what they feel are the biggest problems within Heathenry. Here they will use their own words to express their main concerns, which gives those who identify as Heathen some very heavy topics to consider and commit to solving. HUAR is comprised of members that consider themselves Heathen, and members that do not, and we believe both points of view are extremely valuable,... Read more

Patheos Pagan at PantheaCon

Thought it “only” has about 2000 attendees, PantheaCon often has a large effect on the greater Pagan Community. Issues are raised, ideas are debated, and sometimes it brings about real and lasting change. It’s also one of the few truly “national” (and sometimes international, there are people who attend from across the pond) festivals left on the Pagan calendar. This year, like most years, many of the writers from Patheos Pagan will be attending the festivities. Our panel didn’t make... Read more

Patheos Pagan Writers on Imbolc

Over the years I’ve found Imbolc to be the most varied of all the Pagan sabbats. It can be about Spring, snow, Brigit, and a dozen other things. I asked the writers at Patheos Pagan their feelings on the holiday and got a variety of answers. However (and whatever) you celebrate I hope you have a joyous Imbolc. Megan Manson (Pagan Tama)* One of the reasons I look forward to Imbolc as a Shinto-Pagan is that it occurs around the... Read more

The Alchemy of Activism: The Satanic Temple

When you think of Satanists getting together, what comes to mind? Goat-centered orgiastic reverie? Diabolical cursing? Sacrifice of the innocent? Or perhaps you have studied history enough to know that the concept of the devil is a cultural phenomenon. Satan (meaning “enemy” or “accuser”) is a title given to a moving target, depending upon who violates the comfortable norm. Following certain aspects of Satanic tradition and philosophy, but with political activism and secular achievement in place of supernaturalism and secrecy,... Read more

Enough is Enough

Heathenry worldwide is growing, vibrant, and blossoming. In the broader Pagan and polytheist communities our ideas, beliefs, and lore are becoming more well-known, widespread, and accepted. Broader society and popular culture, much as it saw a rise in interest in witchcraft and Wicca during the mid to late 1990s, is seeing Vikings, Norse Gods, tales of mythic struggle against impossible odds, and polytheism on the rise. Everywhere our community is growing, surging forward, and with endless horizons ahead and fair... Read more

The Best of Patheos Pagan 2015

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who contributes at Patheos Pagan. Whether you are a writer, a reader, a sharer, or just an occasional visitor you are a part of the journey. Our bloggers and columnists do an amazing job here, but I often find myself just as excited to read the comments. Nearly everyone who visits this space is appreciated, so again, thanks. Lots of changes at Patheos Pagan this year. The biggest one... Read more

Celebrating the Solstice: Patheos Pagan Writers on Yule

Yule and the Holiday Season can be celebrated hundreds of different ways. I asked some of the writers here at Patheos Pagan how they celebrate the Winter Solstice (and I do really wish I had an Australian writer!) and got a variety of answers. However you celebrate, have a blessed Yule! Catharine Buck Clarenbach (Nature’s Path): My wife and I will celebrate the day with no electric light from the morning of the 22nd to the morning of the 23rd.... Read more

A Journey of Soul, Within and Without

Excerpt from Path of She Book of Sabbats: A Journey of Soul Across the Sabbats by Karen Clark now available on Amazon and iBooks. Visit the Path Store for details. Take a moment to step outside your door. See the sky, smell the air, feel the press of humidity and temperature on your flesh, heed the quality of the light and colors of the landscape, and notice what the plants and animals are up to. Open to the kiss of... Read more