DVD Release: Another Earth

The Gist: A young woman ruins several lives, including her own, in a drunk driving accident. Released from prison, she seeks the man she wronged and tries to atone. Meanwhile, a duplicate Earth is discovered. Could the answer to their problems be there? Read our original review and interview with the star and co-writers.

Bottom Line: This excellently acted and philosophy rich movie explores science and human nature in equal parts. It’s undeniably sad, however, and has a slow independent movie pace. Because of its small budget, it is almost completely without special effects. Still, a powerful movie for science and philosophy buffs, and for those who believe the two are intertwined.

Be Aware: Rated PG-13, it has a brief sexual scene with some nudity, some disturbing images (of the car crash) and brief drug use. In general, the themes are heavy and will not be appropriate for any but the most mature teens.

Verdict: I recommend it if you’re into heady, non-effects, thinking movies.

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