DVD Release: Crazy Stupid Love

Steve Carell and Julianne Moore play a separated couple in Crazy Stupid Love


“Crazy Stupid Love” is out on DVD today.

Bottom Line: Sweet, funny, well acted, this love story for adults is great, right up to the ending of a minor storyline that is very nearly a dealbreaker.

The Gist: Steve Carell stars as a father and husband blindsided by his wife’s (Julianne Moore) request for a divorce. Hanging out at the local bar, he meets a smooth operator (Ryan Gosling) and learns the way of the macho. The player, however, has met someone (Emma Stone) for whom changing just might be worthwhile. Meanwhile, Carell’s tween son has a serious crush on the teen babysitter.

The Ups: Fine acting all around, plenty of laughs, and a sweet undercurrent of a love story between married people make this a refreshing and lovely comedy.

The Downs: The storyline involving the teen babysitter (and some highly inappropriate pictures, not shown but talked about) nearly ruins the whole movie. While the rest of the movie celebrates the notion of monogamy, the babysitter’s actions are never repudiated, which makes the ending very creepy indeed.

The Verdict: If it weren’t for that darn babysitter, I would recommend this movie wholeheartedly. If you can look beyond that, watch it.

Appropriate For: Adults. At PG-13, the film deals with adult topics like sex and divorce. Although it has some sexuality, it is not graphically portrayed. There is also light language. However, once again, the creepy ending with the babysitter rules out teens watching.

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