Bottom Line: A realistic and scary look at what would happen if a superbug hit the world. It’ll make you want to wash your hands.

The Gist:When a businesswoman comes back from Asia with a fever and congestion, no one thinks anything of it…until she dies a nasty death and people start dropping like flies. Teams of scientists from the NIH and WHO, who have spent lifetimes training for this day, spring into action. Of course, there’s no stopping a virus or the panic and hardship it causes.

The Verdict: This movie has lots of characters instead of one central hero, played by an all star cast. Some people behave well, some badly. It’s all well done and gripping, but will have everyone squirming and washing their hands for weeks afterwards. Full review here.

Be Aware: Rated PG-13 for the thematic element of death and some language. This movie will be for fine teens with strong constitutions. However, the deaths, especially of a little boy, will be too disturbing for younger children. Unless, of course, you just can’t get them to wash their hands before eating dinner. Then this is your final resource.

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