Home Viewing: The Iron Lady

Bottom Line: As much about aging as it is about Margaret Thatcher, the movie is beautifully acted and powefully done, but potentially disappointing to conservatives and liberals alike in its refusal to take sides.

The Gist: In her dotage, the former powerful Prime Minister of England, Margaret Thatcher (Meryl Streep) looks back on her career and family as she struggles against dementia.

The Verdict: Watch it. Streep’s Oscar-winning performance, if nothing else, makes the time worthwhile. The focus on aging lends poignancy and humanity to its subject, but also takes time from important events in Thatcher’s life. Thatcher shines through, unwavering confidence and relentless conservatism. Maggie for President 2016! Read our full review.

Be Aware: Rated PG-13 for some violent imagery (of war and riots, often actual footage) and a lightning-quick shot of female upper nudity (not Thatcher’s). Absolutely appropriate for teens and older tweens.

Just for Fun: Check out our list of top Thatcher quotes in the movie.

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