Home Viewing: Haywire

Bottom Line: With real Gladiator punches and mixed marital arts kicks, this is a heavy-duty action movie.

The Gist: Gina Carano is a real-life mixed martial arts fighter, so when Steven Sodebergh cast her in an action movie, she was ready. She plays a operative for hire (but only to good guys) whose business partners decide they’ve had enough of her, um, services. Suddenly, she’s fighting her former colleagues. The plot, however, isn’t as important as the serious, serious fight sequences.

The Verdict: Watch it if you like action. It’s very good, very tough. Read our full review and our appreciation for Gina Carano as a female action star (hint: She doesn’t look like she’s going to snap a twiggy limb when she hits someone).

Be Aware: Rated R, the film has one sex scene, not particularly graphic, some language, and a whole lotta violence.

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