Breaking Bad Final Showdowns

Fring and Mike are both dead. Jesse’s out and Walt promises Skylar he’s done making meth. And Hank has finally found a clue  linking Walt to Heisenberg. What now? The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad are still a year away. While we impatiently wait to see how Vince Gilligan resolves (heals? punishes?) the bad that’s [Read More…]

The Sacred Science of Well Being

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Breaking Bad: Inertia

Can one just stop being evil? Is it that easy? [Read more…]

A Contemporary Screwtape Tackles Story via The Dark Knight

My Dear Wormwood,

I must say, you’ve outdone yourself this time in Aurora. [Read more…]

Breaking Bad: Rest in Peace

Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man [Read more…]

Humor, Generosity, and the Bible: An Interview with Jeff Foxworthy

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Breaking Bad meets “Ricky Hitler”

All Hail the King [Read more…]

Is the Thrill of Breaking Bad Over?

Last week’s episode ended with Walt (Bryan Cranston) proclaiming that nothing would stop his train. But Walt didn’t have time to decide how seriously he meant those words before Todd grabbed his own gun and fired. We’ve learned to pay attention to Vince Gilligan’s opening scenes. “Dead Freight” begins with an unknown little boy playing with [Read More…]

An Object Lesson and Breaking Bad’s Next Move

Whose bad is being broken now? [Read more…]

Breaking Bad Made Whole?

As the theme of wholeness infuses episode 3, we wonder what that means for each character. [Read more…]