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New Curiouser And Curiouser About “An Honest Liar” – And New Classroom Modules For Teaching Skeptically!

This will be one of several sporadic updates - because despite claims that the FTB site will be minus updates because of a convention, I don't think that thirty-two bloggers in total will have nothing to say over this weekend. Not when there's at least two items of cool news I have for you![...Except in the highly unlikely situation that someone trips over the server and the site disappears into the ether, or kids insert peanut butter sandwiches into the disk drives of the non-Reason Rally … [Read more...]

Official Trailer For Stephenie Meyer’s The Host

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Fix Your PC With A Crystal Pendulum!

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Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide

Starts on Saturday 25th March, 7:30pm on ABC1. … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Podcast – On Critical Thinking, Alt Med And Science Communication (And Other Links)

Token Skeptic podcast, episode #113 (I can hardly believe it myself...) is out!A bonus for this episode is featured - the start of the show is by Doubtful News, a ten-minute broadcast of some of the hit weird and wonderful stories that are in the media this month. Many thanks to Sharon Hill and check out the official site at Best of all, you’ll be able to see Sharon and many others in person at the forthcoming Amazing Meeting 2012 from July 12-15th.The show also featu … [Read more...]

Has Multiculturalism Failed? Panel Discussion Featuring Alom Shaha On Radio National

Last year the leaders of both Germany and Britain declared their multicultural policies had been a failure. But in a world which is already multicultural, this forum looks at how we might be able to move beyond the problems raised by bigotry.I attended this - a great day out! It's on Radio National, presented by Phillip Adams: Has Multiculturalism Failed - Perth Writers Festival Forum.Alom Shaha - British born Bangladeshi author, atheist and science teacher, author of The Young Atheist's … [Read more...]

John Scalzi Lends Blog To Doctor’s Guest Post On Texas’ Transvaginal Ultrasounds

I'm certain you would have read about this on a number of news sites by now ("Newspapers Pull Doonesbury Strip", or  "Doonesbury on Ultrasound as 'Rape'" or even "Doonesbury ultrasound ‘rape’ cartoon series stirs controversy; newspapers spike"). Here is a link to some of the cartoons in question.Back on March 11th on Gawker, for example: Political comic strip Doonesbury will debut an abortion storyline next week, with a particular focus on the Texas law requiring pregnant women to receive a tra … [Read more...]

NASA Crushes 2012 Mayan Apocalypse Claims

[One of these days I won't be uploading mp3s for the podcast at some absurd hour of the evening will and get the posting of a blogpost right...] … [Read more...]

Numberphile – Douglas Adams And 42

Notice! On Sunday, 25th March, from 1:00pm until 2:00pm in Melbourne, The State Library are holding their Children's Books spectacular and Embiggen Books has been swept up in the excitement.Michael Pryor author of the amazing Laws of Magic series and George Ivanoff writer of the brilliant Gamers series will be there - head to the Facebook event page to RSVP and get more details....and since it's the Young Adult Fiction days over that weekend, here's a video that mentions a book I first read … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Transcript – Tanya Smith Of Atheist Alliance International

The most recent Token Skeptic podcast (#112 - On Atheism, Secularism and Rationality) featured an interview with Tanya Smith, where she discussed her role within Atheist Alliance International, projects and outreach that they do and even the topic of sexism within atheism. Here's a partial transcript of our discussion - and check out the official website at, where you can find out more about the forthcoming conventions and the work they do.Tanya: The job is very broad; … [Read more...]

I’m A SocMed Star! And Vaccines to Change the World Lecture At Melbourne Uni!

Wahh, I won something! No, not an elephant, a certificate! Thank you, Bridge8! Kristin: The ability to synthesise complex information and articulate it in a clear and concise way is a skill. When that is done well within a strict word limit under tight deadlines, it’s something to celebrate. Kylie Sturgess (@kyliesturgess), Dr Krystal Evans (@dr_krystal) and Dr Sarah Keenihan (@sciencesarah) are worth celebrating. Over the course of the Australian Science Communicators Conference in 2012 they mad … [Read more...]