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AlJazeera English On The Reason Rally

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Global Atheist Convention – New Slogan Every Day

From the Global Atheist Convention Facebook page - "Less than 3 weeks to go! To celebrate, we'll be releasing atheist quotes each day until the event! Please share and help spread the word." … [Read more...]

Cat Food Sushi Train

From Mumbrella: "An ad for Purina’s Fancy Feast brand featuring a party of cats sat around a sushi train is to be exported to cat-crazy Japan." … [Read more...]

Atheism In The Public Sphere And The Reason Rally – Richard Dawkins On Up With Chris Hayes

Does a politician's private religious beliefs effect public policy? If a citizen has the right to question their lawmaker's political opinions, should they also be able to question their outlook on religion? The Up Panelists (which include Professor Stephen Pinker, Jamila Bey, Susan Jacoby and Jamie Kilsteen) are featured on the second video talking about the Reason Rally and how atheism and politics intersect. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyFirst … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Transcript – Lyz Liddell Of The Secular Student Alliance

I'm taking a break until early April due to studying - I'll be posting now and then, with podcast and important updates.Thanks everyone and don't forget if you're a university student to sign up to hear Lyz Liddell at the  Student Leadership Conference 2012, on Friday, 13th April, 12-4pm.  The following interview is taken from Token Skeptic Episode One Hundred and Nine – On FreeThinking Students. Lyz Liddell is the Director of Campus Organizing for the Secular Student Alliance, coordinating th … [Read more...]

Tim Minchin At The Reason Rally – Video

I posted this one to Digital Cuttlefish (go check their links!) and many thanks to everyone who suggested other ones (Hello!) - here's another good one featuring a song about Sam's mum.Yes, it is indeed a bit wobbly at parts (so many people to look around!) but still as enjoyable as I remember from the tour he did in Australia. I nearly cheered at the geographical reference to a local city.No longer available due to a copyright claim - I hope you get the official album, available here. … [Read more...]

PZ Myers, Leslie Cannold, Chris Stedman – The Road Less Traveled Fringe Event

I'm going to see if I can get more information about what they'll be talking about precisely - but here's the details and tickets are going fast! Do get one if you're around after the Global Atheist convention!Can believers and atheists work together for the common good? Join Chris Stedman, PZ Myers & Leslie Cannold in conversation with Meredith Doig. An oficial fringe event of the 2012 Global Atheist Convention.Monday, April 16, 2012 - 6:00pm until 8:00pm Elisabeth Murdoch, University … [Read more...]

Penn Jillette And Tim Minchin At The Reason Rally Video

Okay - this one? It's a little broken at the start. Bear with it.Wait for about 1.20min until the glitch at the start fixes. Go get a cup of tea, put it on silent until the sound stops tapping and the video unfreezes... and you'll have the conclusion of Penn Jillette's talk and the Tim Minchin presentation.Also, go check Digital Cuttlefish's site, there's more links there! Video streaming by Ustream … [Read more...]

Greta Christina And Taslima Nasrin At The Reason Rally Video

Again, one by David Singer: Video streaming by Ustream … [Read more...]

Richard Dawkins At Reason Rally (And Other Interviews)

Since the Digital Cuttlefish has already posted about Adam Savage's speech at the Reason Rally being on YouTube, here's a series by David Singer. He was in the crowd for the event and has several interviews and clips from the Reason Rally online, which you can find as a list, here. Video streaming by Ustream … [Read more...]

Boxer Dog Welcomes Home Soldier

Thanks Josh, for this find! I even teared up a little... mostly due to memories I have of former owners of Boxer dogs and how much they meant to them. Oh well. … [Read more...]