Little Kitten – Ellen Reads Fifty Shades Of Grey

There's no way in holy sodding hades that I'll read this book. Thankfully, Ellen can do it for us. In about two minutes, too! … [Read more...]

Parrot – An Atheist Movie

Two things - firstly, I saw this at the Global Atheist Convention and it was really difficult not to cry. It brought back too many memories. Secondly, you can donate to the directors and help them with their next project. I promptly did so and I hope you consider doing the same. If you liked the film we'd love you to donate at: This will allow us to make more films in the future. And find out about the next short film we're developing at: … [Read more...]

The First Rule Of Atheist Club…

"Even when atheists make entirely peaceful, positive, seemingly uncontroversial statements in public forums, we still get vicious rhetorical attacks and threats. I think incidents like these prove that we can't possibly be "nice enough" to win everyone over, at least not if that's our sole tactic." The First Rule of Atheist Club is that you cannot be nice. No one can be nice. You'll never be nice enough, so don't try. Second Rule of Atheist Club is that arrival tea, biscuits and fruit must … [Read more...]

How To Be A Paranormal Investigator

Mad props to Baxter for this find. … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Stephen Fry On “This House Believes That Classical Music Is Irrelevant To Today’s Youth”

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A film about the media coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement by an Australian producer, Kevin Breslin. "#whilewewatch documents how the protesters of the Occupy Wall Street movement used social media to spread their message in the face of lagging mainstream media to explain what was happening at the centre of Zuccotti Park, the protest’s ground zero." … [Read more...]

Pinata Cookies From SheKnows.Com

That is all: Tutorial on how to make them here. … [Read more...]

Video Of The Global Atheist Convention – By AskEgg

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The Special-Ness Of Species

I’ll be away volunteering for the next few days at several conferences in a row (check out the work of the Media140 Perth team here - there's a Live Stream of the days featured on the Media140 Site). In the meantime, here's an reworked older post with some new additions. I’ll be back blogging as usual next week.  By the way - if you're a skeptic in Bunbury, West Australia - check out South West Skeptics! Nearly fifteen years ago, I began my first degree… in Agriculture. This … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Tricking

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