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FINALLY… The Latest Token Skeptic Podcast – On Myths And Makeup!

This episode took ages to create - in fact, it's the longest time I've ever taken to research and edit a podcast... I started interviewing for it last year. Then I had to give iTunes a solid kick in order to make sure it uploaded at all. Sorry, listeners, but it's finally here, all for you!Tremendous thanks to the three people I interviewed, for being so patient until it finally came out: Token Skeptic #115 -  On Myths And Makeup – Pseudoscience And Cosmetics. You can get the mp3 of it here, or … [Read more...]

Humanity+ @Melbourne 2012 Summit – Happening Soon!

A Future Science and Technology conference - this two day  long conference in Melbourne may interest some scientists and science communicators, as well as skeptics (considering that both the recent NECSS featured a panel on Futurism and the forthcoming TAM is advertising a workshop on "Skepticism about the Future: Techno-optimism vs. Reality").5-6 May 2012 - Melbourne - Humanity+ FUTURE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGYJoin the conversation at Humanity+ Summit on 5-6th of May to explore the poss … [Read more...]

The Token Skeptic Interviews – Gia Milinovich (Meets The Blues Brothers – Kind Of)

I'll be away volunteering for the next few days at several conferences in a row (check out the work of the Media140 Perth team here) - in the meantime, feel free to be entertained and enlightened with some behind-the-scenes stories and interviews from the Token Skeptic podcast - and check out Sharon Hill's latest "Sounds Sciencey" at CSICOP with “You are Not Entitled to Your Own Bigfoot Facts”! I'll be back blogging as usual early next week. I don't know about you, but whenever I think about some … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Mini Golf Inspired By Portal, MineCraft And More

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Little Kitten – I Can’t Believe They Got Hall And Oates To Do This

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FearBlandness – Second #AtheistCon Video Blog

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Logical Fallacy Poster – Your Logical Fallacy Is…

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The Muslims Are Coming Trailer

Jon Stewart, David Cross and Janeane Garofalo provide the commentary as a group of Muslim-American standup comedians tour the country attempting to counter Islamophobia with their jokes and some hugs. … [Read more...]

Q Is For Qualia, The Musical! Rejected Philosophy Essay Questions

I'm making a list of exam recipients, checking it twice before sending it out - and on the other side of the paper I have a list of essay questions that didn't make the cut. Not even close.In fact, most of them were just efforts to shake my brain into doing some work on exam writing, rather than reading the lovely blog-post by Anna over on her site: Highlights from the 2012 Global Atheist Convention.I was drawing on the 2A and 3A syllabus-dot points from here, in case you were wondering. He … [Read more...]

Thanks American Airlines – Anti-Vaccination Message Shot Out Of The Skies

In case you missed it on other blogs and news updates (such as the ever-dedicated Doubtful News) - a little while back, I got an alert: American Airlines have acquiesced to a 3 1/2 min AVN interview on the in-flight "Executive Report". The audio will play on 58,000 American Airline flights between July and August and the "interview" will feature in the American Way in-flight magazine. This resulted in a 2000+ signed petition (they nearly got to the goal of 2500!) over on, called "Ask A … [Read more...]

Celebrate World Book Day – With The Young Atheist’s Handbook!

Now, I just got back from a rather big meeting about a series of conferences I'm doing at the end of the week, and one thing I know I'll be relying on is a book in the bath every night, in order to chill out. Um, reading it, not soaking the pages and pretending that I'm homeopathically-leeching out the ideas of de Botton.Which is why, despite the dizzying progress of digital technology (kindles, bindles, biggles and what have you - I can't be bothered), we should still acknowledge the power of … [Read more...]