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Little Kitten – The Evolution Of PC Games

Unrelated - but my condolences to Denver and to everyone affected by the recent tragedy in Aurora. My thoughts are with you. … [Read more...]

Help Me Out Here – No, Not A Fan – Hoyts Cinema’s Christian Film Season?

So, it's a Friday, I haven't got much happening at the moment and there's a few movie vouchers that I haven't used up.Looking through the guide online, I notice a trend occurring:The Holy Roller - about how Simon is inspired by a ‘miracle’ to transform his nightclub into a church, using Luke as its preacher. With some musical assistance from Kate...Or maybe Not A Fan - an "emotional movie-going experience that audiences expect with a provoking sermon-like message that leaders will love, ext … [Read more...]

A Time For Action – Michael Nugent (President of Atheist Ireland) On Alexander Aan

Washington Post: Atheists rally for persecuted unbeliever in Indonesia The atheist community has embraced the cause of an Indonesian man, Alexander Aan, who was beaten and jailed after denying God’s existence on Facebook and posting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The Center for Inquiry, a Washington-based humanist organization, launched a petition Tuesday (July 17) on behalf of Alexander Aan, a 30-year-old Indonesian civil servant currently serving a 30-month jail sentence for “deliberately sp … [Read more...]

Paul Willis With Misunderstood Dinosaurs – BrisScience

BrisScience: Misunderstood Dinosaurs from School of Mathematics & Physics on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – The Maths Behind Music

Featuring Milton Mermikides - who does the wonderful music for much of the Token Skeptic podcast and many other shows... and much, much more. … [Read more...]

Profs And Pints On What Makes A Dangerous Idea – Next Tuesday!

THE FINAL: Tues 24 July - WHAT MAKES A DANGEROUS IDEA - Does science play it too safe? This final Profs and Pints for 2012 opens the gates to banter-worthy interpretations of dangerous... How does an idea evolve and is it subject to the morals that are in fashion? Who and what holds the power to classify danger and is that dangerous in itself? Do ideas need to be dangerous to change us or are we destroying the very nature of science by risk-minimising the consequences that could a … [Read more...]

Sharon Hill On #TAM2010 – “Let’s Get Stuff Done”

A great post, over on her site - she also quotes something I didn't know Jamy Ian Swiss said (well, when you're only getting second-hand accounts, it's understandable!): "The world is full of atheists who are not skeptics." Jamy was fired up. I admit he took me right along with him. I am also angry that certain factions have dominated the discussion and told me what to think, who to follow and what I should be doing. I’ve been around a long time (not as long as Jamy) but by observing the public, … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Written By A Kid – Scary Smash Featuring Joss Whedon

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Little Kitten – Dylan Moran on Religion and Politicians

A classic, just for your lunch break. … [Read more...]

Look! Did You Know… About Bryan And Baxter!

Lookie!And by "Lookie!" I mean look at the third one down! Wahhh!! Bryan and Baxter are, of course, are the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society, the hosts of Warning: Paranormal Radio and they feature on the most popular (as voted by listeners and certainly by downloads!) episode of the Token Skeptic podcast. Where I snorf in a most unlady-like manner at their stories. … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – After Earth

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