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Barry Karr At TAM2012

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Little Kitten – How To Catch A Kangaroo

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Celebrate Friday The Thirteenth – With Puzzles And A Magical Token Skeptic Podcast!

Your must-see for today, since you're lucky enough to read this? Joey Haban, who is featured in the Scope of Skepticism book, is the guest blogger over at the Rex Parker Does The NYT Crossword Puzzle - for Friday 13th! How incredibly cool is that?I was particularly chuffed to notice that PODCASTS appears as an answer! Head over and read her entire analysis; I've been meaning to get back into cryptics after a break for a year or so and I think this has piqued my interest again. Thanks, … [Read more...]

Black Cats And Friday 13th – Talking Superstitions On National Breakfast Television Live!

[Oooh, I nearly forgot - I also woke up to this lovely review from SkepticLawyer, about the Scope of Skepticism book! How's that for lucky?] 2:15am - I wake up and throw copy of Stuart Vyse's Believing in Magic into bag before diving into the shower.2:30am - Check clock and discover it's running behind as well as running backwards. It's a backwards clock, but it's not meant to be that late.2:45am - Hit the road and yes, realise that I was right when I thought that it'd be too early for any … [Read more...]

Links Du Jour For #TAM2012 (New Podcast Episode Out Today And E-Book Of Token Skeptic Book!)

Just a few links that have caught my eye this morning - and bon voyage to friends like Sharon Hill and Eugenie Scott et al, who are heading on their way to TAM!As always Sharon's updates on Doubtful News are well worth subscribing too and so is CFI's/Paul Fidalgo's The Morning Heresy. They update more diligently than I do and are entertaining while they're at it!To help weary travellers out - later today on (and Amazon, once I play around with the features for submitting a Kindle … [Read more...]

Check Out XKCD’s What If?

Relativistic Baseball - What would happen if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light? This looks like something well worth following (and asking questions of!) - go check it out!  … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – The What If Machine: Portal

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Storify Of #ProfsAndPints – Science: Working For The Man?

Renee of SciTech is, as always, grace under pressure......darn microphones can be awkward to put on correctly!It was another wonderful and stimulating night at the Flying Scotsman, talking about "The moral cost of progress" with Dr Nik Zeps – Australian Health Ethics Committee; Michelle Clement – Director of Department of Commerce Industry, Science and Innovation and Aden Date – The Australian Youth Climate Coalition.Here's a selection of some of the Tweets from a fantastic night - the en … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – My Gimpy Life Trailer

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Profs and Pints Perth Event TONIGHT – Science: Working For The Man?

Well, I feel dreadful - I should have advertised this earlier! I'm going to see if I can pop in after my interview:Profs and Pints - Science working for the man - 6:00pm until 8:00pm, TONIGHTIt's back and bigger than ever with a great four nights of science banter to tackle those current and controversial topics that will have you buzzing with your beer!Held at The Flying Scotsman's Velvet Lounge over four nights in June and July, leading scientists will take the people of Perth on a … [Read more...]

Higgs Boson Video: A Metaphor To Explain The Particle, Or Further Confuse You

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