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The Future of the Creationism and Evolution Controversy – Dr. Eugenie Scott – TAM 2012

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Earlybird Tickets Close Today For ScienceRewired – Get To Adelaide For SCIENCE!

Last chance for earlybird tickets! And I'll be releasing a collection of the interviews that feature on the AudioBoo ScienceRewired page on the Token Skeptic podcast later tonight! sciencerewired - 11th October at The Science Exchange in Adelaide, Australia - Before the 1st September and save $100 – that’s today! We’ll be exploring the impact of social media, crowdsourcing and digital technologies on science communication and citizen science on the major social and scientific issues of our time. … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – David Fincher: A Film Title Retrospective

David Fincher: A Film Title Retrospective from Art of the Title on Vimeo.Art of the Title - A Retrospective. … [Read more...]

Audio NSFW – Exquisitely Profane Letterpress Cards

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Dr Steven Novella On Scientific Skepticism And Activism – NYC Skeptics

I've mentioned this talk a few times as a resource and a while back I wrote out a few pages of it - now I've forwarded those pages to the NYC Skeptics (yes, I'm a member despite being half-a-planet away, because they have great shirts, really good resources and I like to support skeptical groups where I can - they also gave me and a friend a great night out when I went to one of their SiTPs, back in 2009!) so they can finish the rest of the transcript for people who like to read as well as … [Read more...]

Homeopathy And Medicine: Does It Dilute Science, Research, Higher Education?

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Little Kitten – Psy – Gangnam Style

Thanks to Catherine. I think.The album's weighty title song 'Gangnam Style' is composed solely by PSY himself from lyrics to choreography. The song is characterized by its strongly addictive beats and lyrics, and is thus certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy. … [Read more...]

Published Yet Again! Art In The Skeptical Inquirer And JREF Swift Scope Of Skepticism Review

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) will stream the new series of Dr Who mere seconds after it finishes airing in the UK, in an effort to stop avid fans downloading the show. There you go, now down to the other urgent news of the day - I've just staggered back from the doctors, where I got shot.Shot as in getting a shot, as they suspect that my well-meaning devotion to keeping up my flu shots has not been as effective as they should be and I might as well have another and isn't it a … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Flight Of The Conchords – Feel Inside And Stuff Like That

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Science! Adelaide! EarlyBird Tickets Closing Soon For ScienceRewired!

Just to let you know, the earlybird tickets for ScienceRewired are ending on the 31st of August - three days away! Join us at The Science Exchange at our launch event! We're hosting a one day conference on the 11th October in Adelaide outlining our mission as a digital science organisation. You'll have the opportunity to  participate in practical workshops, gain insights into innovative science projects and learn from exciting and topical case studies. It's an event to help science educators, … [Read more...]

Vale Neil Armstrong – 1930-2012

On August 5, 2012, Neil Armstrong turned 82 while the Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) made her touch down on the Martian surface. Two days later, Armstrong had heart surgery to bypass four blockages in his coronary arteries and initially showed to be recovering well afterwards. It caught many of us off-guard to find out today that Armstrong has succumbed to complications from this surgery and is no longer with us. - The Legacy of Neil Armstrong, KnowTheCosmos, CosmoQuest Blog “Please raise a … [Read more...]