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R. Elisabeth Cornwell at TAM 2012 – Social Networks: Civilizing the Future

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Little Kitten – “Baby Got Back” Sung By 295 Movies

And in case you're wondering which films? You can click on the YouTube page to go to each one: … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – We’re NASA And We Know It (Mars Curiosity)

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Token Skeptic Videos – Day One Continued – Dragon*Con 2008

Part of the Token Skeptic Dragon*Con series - if you enjoy my films please consider doing three things - one, donate to the Abrupt Media group, who film and stream videos from the stage and provide the audio. Secondly, check out the audio from previous years that was kindly provided to me from the SkepTrack, that features on the Token Skeptic podcast. Finally - if you want to learn more about podcasting, promoting science and being a part of another great conference that I'll be at on the 11th Oc … [Read more...]

Philosophy Community Of Inquiry – Notre Dame Fremantle Open Day

I just got notification about this earlier in the week - for locals interested in community of inquiries, this is worth checking out: Our OPEN DAY FESTIVAL runs from 10am-4pm. It will be an event not only for students and prospective students, but for the whole community. The School of Philosophy and Theology is running a Philosophy Cafe with coffee, tea and biscuits at 11.30am, 1pm and 3pm on that day. We welcome your participation to help make it a success. Please come and join us for some … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Video – #NSWk Giant Science – World Record Attempt At Curtin University

For West Australia's ScienceWeek - held at Curtin University Stadium on Wednesday, 15th August 2012. Features Sarah Lau(@LaLaLausy) as the MC; Perth Scientist Andrew from My Kitchen Rules and Magdeline Lum (@ScientistMags), President of the WA Australian Science Communicators. … [Read more...]

#NSWk Giant Science – World Record Attempt At Curtin University

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“Planet Weird” IndieGoGo Pitch : Help Us Make a Film, Get Awesome Stuff!

Head to the Kickstarter for this project here: Rather than simply look for the evidence, the team attempts to become the evidence. Can we learn to harness our latent mental powers to become the psychic super soldiers reminiscent of secret government projects? What can we learn about the causes of UFO hysteria by creating one of our own? Can we contact the spirit of a dead man.. if that man never even existed? These are just some of the questions that Planet Weird will tackle as we seek to … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – How to Wrap Your Heaphones Without Losing Your Mind

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How To Be Fed Up – 101

Lesson One: WHAT IS A COMMUNITY? We recently posted an innocent looking piece of fan art on Facebook that was created by one of our community members. The image playfully mashed up the themes of Mass Effect and My Little Pony, depicting the Pinkie Pie character in N7 armor. We thought it was hilarious and wanted to let the rest of our community in on the fun... Lesson Two: Jason Manford on Trolls and Gary Barlow ...But during the Olympic closing ceremony I posted this: “Fair play Gary Barlow. Wha … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Videos – Dragon*Con 2008 Setting Up And The First Day

Over the next fortnight or so, until Dragon*Con 2012 at the end of the month, I'm going to post a series of videos I made in the past. I hope they bring you happiness, the memories certainly cheer me up these days.These are documentaries I filmed and edited during the days I spent at one of the most eventful events that I've done for skepticism: Dragon*Con, in Atlanta, Georgia, where I volunteered behind the scenes for the SkepTrack and contributed ideas for panels and shows for the past four … [Read more...]