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Atheist Books 101 With Embiggen Books – Now Out On The Token Skeptic Podcast!

Just had a fun chat with Warren of Embiggen Books in Melbourne - and if you're wanting a damned great recommendation list? This is the episode to enjoy.For this episode of the Token Skeptic, "Episode One Hundred And Thirty Six – Atheist Books 101 With Embiggen Books", Warren Bonett and I investigate how books can help you understand atheism, humanism and secularism, and what are some of the best new reads on the scene.Books we discuss this episode:The Australian Book of Atheism by W … [Read more...]

Captain Disillusion – Real Phaser Reverse Debunk

Just a quick (kind of unrelated) shout out: congratulations to Dr Karen Stollznow and Matthew Baxter - married today! … [Read more...]

I Interview Robin Ince And Paul Fidalgo Interviews Sharon Hill – For CSI And CFI!

Robin Ince – Comedy, Skepticism, And Happiness Through Science - now out over on my Curiouser and Curiouser column! It's from the interview I conducted for the Token Skeptic podcast, episode #128.Huge thanks to Neil Davies for the picture which is on the Skeptic Trumps Card by Crispian Jago! Sturgess: I have another quote by you, which I think is a wonderful one: “You're not going to woo people by attacking what they believe in. You woo people by showing them something more exciting and more in … [Read more...]

Support Space And Glowy Things! And New ScienceRewired Ep Out!

Pop in a vote and pop in some spare change to help out two great projects - for SCIENCE!Please vote for me in the AMP Do Your Thing scholarships. I'm applying for a scholarship to make a website to house my animations about glowing creatures alongside more info for people who want to dig a little deeper. Go to the FaceBook page for AMP and search for Siouxsie Wiles.  Dr Siouxsie Wiles is one of the wonderful people I met at the New Zealand Skeptics convention (Hi also to Gold!) and I in … [Read more...]

The MSF/DWB Charity Event 2012 – Potholer54 And Eugenie Scott “Would I Lie To You”

Argh, I'm falling behind on emails again... sorry everyone. But I am very pleased to have caught this show recently while battling insomnia:Potholer54 was one of my VERY early podcast interviews, back when no one knew who he was (although Michael McRae and I emailed each other saying "he SOUNDS very familiar..." - we're both ABC radio listeners, so of course he did!) and I had a great chance to spend some quality time with Eugenie Scott at the Berlin conference. Enjoy and sorry to everyone … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Willow – Sweater

Everything shot in studio with 3 beamers projecting on a floor and two walls. Willow - Sweater from Filip Sterckx on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali – A Secular Spring Or An Islamist Winter? Global Atheist Convention 2012

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The Return Of The Hamster Wheel!

The Chaser returns with a brand new season of The Hamster Wheel, Wednesday September 26, 2012 on ABC1. … [Read more...]

Dan Barker – Life Driven Purpose – Global Atheist Convention 2012

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A 9-11 Interview – My First Skeptical Podcast Interview (That I Never Did)

I know that it's 12th September on this side of the planet, so I've missed recognising the anniversary, but I realised that I had an interview transcript that I've never used and thought that it might be of interest to people.It's between my friend Mark and Mark "Gravy" Roberts, who was a tour guide in New York. "Gravy" Roberts may be a familiar name to some, as the creator of, which documents and debunks 9-11 conspiracies.I'll post the video (just a … [Read more...]

The Skeptic’s Guide To Attending A Paranormal / Pseudoscientific Lecture

Update - check out Going off-track: A visit to the paranormal side of Dragon Con by Sharon Hill.It's late,  I'm awake and I haven't been blogging recently (unless you count YouTube video links, which I don't - unless I'm actually involved in the creation of them) - so, here's a little something that's been on my mind.In fact, there's a few things that have been on my mind about attending paranormal and / or pseudoscientific lectures, conferences, what-have-you. Essentially, this is my brief … [Read more...]