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The Story of You: ENCODE And The Human Genome (With Robots And Tim Minchin)

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Talk Nerdy To Me – Animal Morality

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Little Kitten – Cat Tower

I was a little down today because people were being snarky on the internet or rude or inconsiderate and I could feel myself starting to echo such behaviours if I didn't watch out - and there's some people who are going through terrible things at the moment. My problems are nothing in comparison to theirs.Then a student gave me a cupcake after class finished (see, teach deonological ethics and see where it gets you!) and because I can't give out cake to friends from here, have a cat tower i … [Read more...]

What’s In My Bag (Rescued Lizard Edition)

Previous "What's In My Bag" posts for your enjoyment - January and at the Global Atheist Convention.Okay. Since about a dozen people have now gone "!!!!" on Twitter - here's the story.I'm heading to work and going via the Stock Road and this little fellow (not so little, maybe nearly as large as my forearm, admittedly) was firmly stomping their way towards the RSPCA Second Hand Goods Store. Maybe he had something to say about the sale of reptile skin bags and shoes, I don't know.Across … [Read more...]

A.C. Grayling – What’s Next For Atheism? Global Atheist Convention 2012 #AtheistCon

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An Introduction to Philosophical Ethics – Primary Ethics

Following on from my JREF Swift article and the interview with Dr Sue Knight which mentioned Primary Ethics in passing - a video! This animation was created for Primary Ethics to give people a basic understanding of what philosophical ethics is all about. This four minute video was written and directed by Leonie Johnson, animated by Victoria Moey, voiceover by Finn O'Keefe and soundtrack by Peter Bailey. An Introduction to Philosophical Ethics from Primary Ethics on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Now Out On Swift Blog – Philosophy For Children, Critical Thinking And Token Skeptic

Unfortunately the list of references at the end of the article are a little jumbled, but I'll post them at the end of this so you can check them out yourself! You can even see a photo of a P4C training session I helped with from a few years back featured.What is Philosophy For Children? P4C – Encouraging A Critical Mindset For All Ages:To think is to inquire, in Dewey’s proposal; and it’s interesting that that Dewey had Science rather than Philosophy teaching in mind when he thought about i … [Read more...]

Australia’s Jason Ball – Footballer Launches Campaign Against AFL Homophobia

I'm the first to admit that I've been neglecting this blog - in fact, I have about five half-written posts that are now sadly getting more and more out of date - but this? I'm tremendously proud of and posting for you as soon as I found it online after watching it on the TV.A Yarra Glen footballer has launched a campaign against homophobia in the game and is appealing to the AFL to help - Here's the Petition!ABC News - Gay footballer calls for AFL 'pride round'The Age - 'I didn't know … [Read more...]

Benjamin Radford – “Oh Mayan! Armageddon Again?” – TAM 2012

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Benedikt Matenaer On Acupuncture: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly – World Skeptics Congress #6WSC12

Speaking of great influences, one of the most influential and eye-opening skeptical conferences I've ever attended was held earlier this year was the World Skeptics Congress - and here's another video in their series. Thanks again to everyone involved for making these broadcasts possible. … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Hermitage Cats

This is for G. U. - who sent me an incredibly, incredibly generous gift today and I'm going to have to find a gift in return. In the meantime, have some cats, everyone. … [Read more...]