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Little Kitten – Paperman

No time to blog, too busy. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

You May Be Forgiven For Thinking That Some Skeptics Are Taking A Firm Stance, But…

...well, maybe some skeptics are. About bloody time.Check out the two-post volley (is that how I should see it?) that has popped into my feedreader over the past 12 hours.To begin win (and yes, that was a spelling error, but I think I'll leave it...) - as Daniel Loxton puts it himself, "Skepticblog’s Steven Novella has an interesting post up at Neurologica this morning, in which he addresses some issues of conflation between scientific skepticism and other movements or interests." It is a dir … [Read more...]

Now Out – National Audit Of Australian Science Engagement Activities – 2012

You can read the full report over at More about the National Audit of Science Engagement Activities, which features:who are Australia’s players in science engagement -  internationally, nationally, regionally and locally where and who is missing out on science engagement how people link their activities or ideas together how people are evaluating their engagement activities, or not patterns within the bigger picture of science engagement in Australia – with lots of opportunity for resea … [Read more...]

Dr Brooke Magnanti (Belle De Jour) And Rhoda Grant On Criminalising Sex Work Clients

I've previously interviewed Dr Magnanti, about her book released last year, called The Sex Myth: Why Everything We’re Told Is Wrong. More recently she's been billed to appear at the Brighton Science Festival on the 9th Feb: Magnanti (Belle De Jour) and Rhoda Grant appear on Sunday Politics, arguing the case for criminalising the clients of sex workers. Brief introduction by Fiona, who as a journalist, i … [Read more...]

How Pride And Prejudice Saved My Goddamned Life (And Got Me A Literature Degree)

On the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice - 28th January, 2013.One upon a time, there was a time before the internet was invented.I was doing a degree in Agriculture, in some part of Australia that you have probably never heard of (just think generic empty land filled with brightly-coloured obnoxious parrots, the occasional sagging wooden fence and oh, just the world's most rock-chunked field which apparently requires undergrads to chug along in a tractor that you have to slam from … [Read more...]

Vote For Token Skeptic Podcast (And Other Favourites) In The UK Skeptic “Ockhams” Awards!

Now, I promoted these Awards last year and my friend Dan Keogh won for the Best Science Video category (The Placebo Effect by Daniel Keogh and Luke Harris) for a show produced in 2011!So it's worth a try rallying to get some help and it'd be great even just to get into the finals for my show The Token Skeptic - which has a lot of episodes produced since January, 2012.Here's my suggested nominations for the categories, and of course, vote for all your favourites in order to support their w … [Read more...]

#Fringe_World – Laneway Night Market At The Perth Fringe

Today I headed into the city to check out - and here's some of my adventures![View the story "#fringe_world Laneway Night Market At The Perth Fringe" on Storify] … [Read more...]

Help Out Next Generation Science Standards Before January 28th – NCSE

I get email, with a call to action - it's from the NCSE and the link to head to help file feedback on the standards is here.The important thing to notice is the deadline - January 28th. That's TOMORROW. Please do check it out: For the last year, the National Center for Science Education has been advising an effort to produce modern and consistent Next Generation Science Standards. Dozens of states have committed to consider using these new standards instead of continuing to write their own … [Read more...]

My Australia Day – Perth (With The Eliza Statue, Of Course)

Two things you need to do in order to emulate Australians when celebrating the 26th January.First – take a commemorative statue that's entirely unrelated to the day and make it patriotic:This is Eliza, on the Crawley foreshore, near the University of Western Australia. She’s starred in regular fashion parades ever since she was established back in 2007. Here's a video from last year's TedXPerth by Andra Kins on public art that features her:Last time I saw her, she was wearing a fetching o … [Read more...]

Twitter Discussion About #OpLastResort (A Little More Information)

[View the story "A Discussion On Twitter About #OpLastResort" on Storify] … [Read more...] Hacked – Anonymous Operation Last Resort (Any Idea What This Means Exactly?) #OPLastResort

UPDATES at end of this blogpost.The US Government website has been hacked (and of course, this isn't the first time Anon has done this - I've used this Hungry Beast YouTube explanation of the hacking of the Australian Government website for Operation Titstorm from 2010) - and they have a transcript and this video featured:I'm lost as to exactly what it'll entail (anything featuring clips from the 1980s film War Games can't be good though...), and I've yet to see any … [Read more...]