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Very Odd Profile Article With Laser-Beam Dinosaurs And Daniel Loxton At Young Australian Skeptics Site

Still recovering. This was written during one of the many times when I couldn't sleep and demonstrates why I should have taken a break for my health much earlier, really..20 SKEPTICS YOU SHOULD KNOW: DANIEL LOXTONThe man has the job of Editor of the Junior Skeptic insert in Skeptic Magazine, which pretty much reduces everyone else’s career into muttering envy over by the Skeptic​.com booktable at major conferences. And by “running”, I mean he does the research, the interviews, creates artwo … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday David Bowie (Where Are We Now?)

Produced by long term collaborator Tony Visconti, 'Where Are We Now?' was written by David Bowie, and was recorded in New York. This haunting video was directed by Tony Oursler and harks back to David's time in Berlin. He is seen looking in on footage of the auto repair shop beneath the apartment he lived in along with stark images of the city at the time and a lyric constantly raising the question "Where Are We Now?" Pre-order 'THE NEXT DAY' in the iTunes store: Standard: … [Read more...]

Blog-Hiatus – Please Follow 365 Days Of Philosophy

Firstly, hello to the people who came to this site looking for "kylie sturgess token skeptic" and"kylie sturgess" and "atheist foundation of australia" and "richard dawkins" (there's an news media release talking about back in 2012 and 2010 here and one blog-post from the time of the convention here).I hope your curiosity is aroused and satisfied. Now I have some serious business to get to:There'll be an article by me about Daniel Loxton on the Young Australian Skeptics website some … [Read more...]

Now Out On CSI’s Curiouser And Curiouser – Talking Nerdy And Science With Cara Santa Maria!

I really hope she's available to go to a skeptic or atheist conference some time in the future - a great science communicator with a lot of insight. Check out the whole interview at Talking Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria – Senior Science Correspondent at Huffington Post:Kylie: How do you avoid false equivalencies when doing science reporting? What sort of resources do you lean upon?Cara: That's a really good question. Honestly, it's tough. For me, that's one of the most important things that I d … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Richard Feynman – Ode To A Flower

Richard Feynman - Ode To A Flower from Fraser Davidson on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Skepticism And Education Series – Learning Styles Don’t Exist

It's the 2nd January, and I've started the 365 Days of Philosophy website (both for Wordpress and Tumblr, so you can choose what format you like). But in addition, I'm keen to focus a little more on education and myths this year, particularly after presenting in Berlin on pseudoscience within the field.So, to start, you might like to check out this video from 2008 that caught my attention:Over on 365 Days of Philosophy, I'll be addressing another (somewhat related) myth about left/right … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Beetbox

Oh dear. Thanks to Daniel for this find. BeetBox from Scott Garner on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

New Year 2013 (With An Oblong Turtle)

[View the story "New Year 2013 (With An Oblong Turtle)" on Storify] … [Read more...]