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Little Kitten – A Game Of StarCraft

This morning, I have:1) Chased a mouse out of my house with the help of a naked man at 5am; 2) Did an hour of vox pop interviews only to discover that the audio didn't record; 3) Scheduled three interviews; 4) Ate one breakfast wrap and had apple juice; 5) Proposed an idea for a band interview that was perfect (for someone else to do), cheer up, we always have this: … [Read more...]

Twitter Trends And Storify on Jabbed: Love, Fear And Vaccines – Documentary On SBS #JabbedSBS

Storify of Jabbed: Love, Fear and Vaccines, aired May 26th on SBS Australia. I first learned of this documentary when I interviewed the director back in 2012.SBS has it for on demand viewing here: - an event coming up in June: NB - JABBED FORUM: Melbourne, 5th June. At the forum Sonya will discuss why she made JABBED and how it has changed her view of vaccination and the conversations we need to have. Th … [Read more...]

On Vaccinations – Australia Continues To Take A Stand For Health – Token Skeptic Podcast

New Token Skeptic podcast: Episode One Hundred And Sixty One – On Vaccinations – Interview With Associate Professor Peter Richmond.Tomorrow morning's Sunday Telegraph in Australia - and already online:Grieving parents speak out against anti-vaccination extremists - The Sunday Telegraph: ...As Toni held her tiny baby, she couldn't comprehend the loss, or how they would survive the sorrow. Little did they know then that Dana's death from whooping cough, and the media coverage that follo … [Read more...]

Happy Towel Day!

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Whooping Cough “Just A Breeze”? – Jabbed Documentary This Sunday

NOTE: I'm sorry if this video is distressing to watch - please be prepared to see footage of a child in pain due to pertussis.Today I got to do a solo radio show! I played two interviews on Boom, which is the student radio station operating out of Perth, which included the interview I'd previously recorded - a Token Skeptic live-at-a-science-conference interview with the director of Jabbed, Sonya Pemberton. Some audio from the other interview, a representative from the Vaccine Group from the … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Ray Hyman – “How to Tell the Future” – TAM 2012

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Measles Clip From Documentary Jabbed – On This Sunday

To vaccinate, or not? What would you do to protect the ones you love? New science documentary premiering on SBS One at 8.30 pm Sunday 26th May, 2013.It's early in the morning, I'm working and one of the things I'm working on is a radio show that I'll be presenting this week, where I plan to interview a local medical professional about vaccinations and what values and attitudes are influencing their take up in my state.Here's a reminder that this documentary is on TV, channel SBS in … [Read more...]

Foundation Beyond Belief – Supporting Relief For Oklahoma

I know that every other blogger will be out supporting and promoting this - but despite being a very long way away in Australia, it deserves promoting. In class today we were watching the news and worried about the disaster, so every bit of help can make a difference: At 3:01 pm CT on May 20, a massive F-4 tornado decimated the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, OK. Scores of severe injuries and deaths have been reported, and intense work is under way to find and rescue those trapped in the … [Read more...]

#BigSci13 Storify Of #OnSci – Challenges, Impediments And Issues Facing Science Communicators, Educators, Policymakers And Innovators In Australia

Check out all the blogging over on the official ScienceRewired site at - and if any of the discussion points fire you up, contribute some of your OWN ideas at:*****[View the story "#bigsci13 - The Challenges - #onsci" on Storify] … [Read more...]

Update To The Atheist Blogs – Tune In After Saturday’s Upgrade!

A few things -1) The blogs are being upgraded, so there's a break for Saturday from blogging all over (do check out The Inaugural Patheos Atheists Blog Carnival listing though - some great reads and even two of my posts are featured!)2) 365 Days of Philosophy is still ongoing (what a surprise, it's going all year after all) - check out the site at ScienceRewired - are you thinking about adding some ideas for discussion? Pop them in at … [Read more...]

17th May – Why #FOOTY4IDAHO Matters – Stamp Out Homophobia In Sport

Today - which is International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) - things go to a new level.AFL superstars including Brownlow Medallist Jobe Watson, Scott Pendlebury, Jude Bolton, Drew Petrie, Patrick Dangerfield and Chris Judd - to name just a few - are putting their weight behind a campaign to stamp out gay slurs in the game, both on and off the field.These players are taking a pledge to stamp out the use of homophobic language, while also raising awareness of the damaging effects it can … [Read more...]