Emerging churches, UK style

Below are all the links to blogs, articles, etc. in which Emergent-U.S. types have criticized how emerging church is being done in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Mars:

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  • lisa

    The Uk, Oz & NZ folks have done a sterling job of criticizing themselves – as a recent example, CHALKE-GATE in the UK and the Sydney Anglicans are just two examples where non-North America bloggers have turned their rants on each other.

  • clave

    I can’t see the links. Is that just me and my browser? Perhaps it’s been predestined…

  • marko

    not sure i agree, bob. they’ve done a great job of criticizing other tribes from their own country, yes. props to maggie for a substantive positive comment (about the US scene) yesterday, though.

  • John

    I can’t see the links either. Is it a mac thing (I have a mac)? Thanks.

  • Mitch

    What a tease!

  • tony

    no adverts on this blog

  • Anonymous

    Does this meana) all the links were obliterated by “friendly fire”b) US emergents are not actually aware of a world beyond their bordersc) US emergents really are a most nice and civil people and are only ever encouraging:) Sorry, couldn’t resist a tongue in cheek response to a very funny post.steve at emergentkiwi.org.nz

  • Anonymous

    tonyif you turn on the ‘allow html” in your comments section, then we can just all put in a few links, as well as posting funny pictures of ourselves.AJ