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  • Ben

    You never did tell us what you thought of the Kangaroo meat.

    I’ve been reflecting on some of the differences you mentioned in this video and something you said during one of the emerging leaders sessions. I have posted that reflection here: http://brackishfaith.blogspot.com/2008/10/why-im-not-emergent-buy-one-guy-who.html

    But my key question for you is this:

    You more or less said:

    “Emerging Churches do not start as outreach but as a last ditch effort of founders to save their own faith. The best way to be missional is to be an authentic Christ centric community.”

    Mark Driscoll agues for this formula:

    ‘Christology determines Ecclesiology determines Missiology’

    This is in contract with Frost and Hirsh who advocate the formula:

    ‘Christology determines Missiology determines Ecclesiology’

    You seem to agree with Driscoll on this (is this a correct assumption?)

    Is this just a reflection of our diffrent contexts?

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