Long Live Muhammad! African-American Muslims in 1975.

 Muhammad Ali 

At Saviours Day in 1975, each speaker pays their respect to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  Muhammad Ali discusses his remarkable transition stating that when he was Cassius Clay, “I was just an uncle tom so-called Negro. Now that I accepted the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the beautiful name he has given me, I now have a wise teacher.'”

Wikimedia Commons.

Honoring his mentor, Muhammad Ali states, “He stood beside me in my draft fight with the American government.” Subsequently, Muhammad Ali outlines his enthusiastic dedication to continue working for Islam despite the departure of his teacher.  Ali says that even if every Muslim on earth were to die and he was the only Muslim left alive, that he would create a mosque and continue to preach on behalf of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Ali further notes never to refer to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as dead because he lives on each and every one of his followers. Near the end of his speech, Muhammad Ali pledges his loyalty to Imam W.D  Muhammad and promises to obey him.

Next is Reverend Jesse Jackson. 

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