Long Live Muhammad! African-American Muslims in 1975.

Wikimedia Commons.

                             Minister  Louis Farrakhan 
Minister Farrakhan states that the despite the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, this day is no different than any other saviour’s day and no Muslim should be walking around with their head held low.

Minister Farrakhan asks the audience how they could be sad when, “Almighty God Allah is the best knower and it is written that no soul dies except by the permission of Allah and whatever Allah wills, we submit and we obey, and this is why we are called Muslim.”

 Then Minister Farrakhan proclaims that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s life was not merely relevant to those inside of the Nation of Islam but to millions of black people around the world. Farrakhan credits Elijah Muhammad for instilling black people with vision and expresses that this vision is still with them today.


Farrakhan at one moment in Farrakhan’s speech, he pauses as he begins to cry. He expresses that since joining the Nation of Islam; he defended Elijah Muhammad from critics and did everything in his power to uphold the name of Elijah Muhammad,”I upheld his name.  I defended him.”

The moment moves several members of the audience to tears.Then he declares, “I will not be unfaithful to the only man that I ever knew that was worthy of being faithful to. “ Lastly, Farrakhan says that the Nation of Islam should,”offer all of their resources and power in order to help Wallace Muhammad, the leader of the Nation of Islam, carry on in the noble work of his father.”

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