What Is the Cure to Partisan Disgust in America? Take An Empathy Pill?

Repulsive. Reprehensible. Disgusting. These are words that convey an omnipresent emotion or sentiment in America today. One of the problems with this sentiment besides it being so, well, repugnant, is that we are generally torn along partisan political lines. In the run-up to the recent U. S. Presidential election, the term "disgusting" or its equivalent was tossed back and forth like a hand grenade with explosive, dehumanizing intent.The social psychologist Jonathan Haidt weighed in on the … [Read more...]

U.S. Presidential Election Results: Did “The Pure People” Defeat “The Corrupt Elite,” Was It “Whitelash,” and/or a Corruption of Evangelical Convictions?

What was the reason or reasons for Donald Trump's earth-shattering Presidential election upset victory? Was it populism, where "the pure people" rise up and take control of their lives and destiny from "the corrupt elite"?[1]Was it "Whitelash"? Was it Hillary Clinton's inability to unify and galvanize the base that elected Barack Obama President?Perhaps a combination of these and other factors?One factor that must be and has been accounted for was White Evangelicals' support of … [Read more...]

“Black Jeopardy”: What Are We Jeopardizing as the Church and as a Nation?

Perhaps many of you have watched Saturday Night Live’s “Black Jeopardy” with Tom Hanks by now. The skit skillfully shows how much communities often divided by the culture wars may have in common. It also shows how far apart we are on those issues that divide us, such as “Black Lives Matter.” I showed the clip in my theology and ethics class yesterday in Portland, Oregon. I also made use of it in a seminar last week in Dallas, Texas for a conference dedicated to the multi-ethnic church movement. … [Read more...]

“But What If I Don’t Know Any Black People?”

Sometimes when addressing race issues I am asked, "But what If I don't know any Black people?" Assuming that the individuals asking this question really want to learn and move beyond racial divisions, I thought I would ask an African American friend how he would respond. His answer was striking.David Bailey remarked that whether or not one knows any Black people, one can seek to understand what it means to be White in America, and how that has worked out for White people, and how not being … [Read more...]

Jesus Is Not a Christological Definition We Can Put in a Book on a Shelf. He Keeps Jumping Out.

My theology class at Multnomah Biblical Seminary/Multnomah University is going through definitions of Christology. The process of crafting and refining and finalizing statements on Jesus' identity in view of Christian Scripture and the language available to church leaders was often arduous and exhausting if not exhaustive. While there is much to be gained from these definitions, such as with the Chalcedonian formula, we must never think that if we have a handle on them, we have a handle on … [Read more...]

How Do You Make Conservatives More Liberal, and Liberals More Conservative? Appeal to the Feelings That Drive Them?

A Scientific American article discusses how unconscious reactions shape conservatives and liberals and how attention to psychological factors might help soften tensions between these often warring parties. One of the items discussed was the "fear factor." "When people feel safe and secure, they become more liberal; when they feel threatened, they become more conservative." So, how might an understanding of fear's conscious or unconscious influence on us shape how we might try to persuade one … [Read more...]

Talk About Politics At Church As With Sports (Especially the Chicago Cubs!), Though Perhaps Not Over Dinner.

Some of us were told growing up never to talk about religion and politics over dinner. Perhaps that is why so many of us talk about sports at bars and grills. Sometimes churches even have Super Bowl parties with people rooting for the opposing sides. But how often will you find Election Night parties sponsored by churches made up of opposing views—the elect and the reprobate (the latter being whoever champions the candidates I despise most, especially those who are pulling for the Cleveland I … [Read more...]